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Musical Genius

Sight-reading is the musical art whereby a musician is able to play music they have never heard or seen before, instantly, reading from the sheet music with great fluency. There are many stories of the legendary abilities of the great composers, and today we will show you several hair-raising examples that will have you running to the practice rooms to hone your sight-reading and related abilities. Or perhaps you will collapse in frustration. Read on. Mozart was said to be able to read and play any music instantly. No practicing, no rehearsing. Not only that, he could, for example, write out the four separate parts of a string quartet BEFORE he had written out the complete score.

Ten Unlikely Hit Songs That Broke the Rules

Few songs that break the rules of pop songwriting ever achieve mainstream success. Deviate from the predictable verse/chorus structure in 4/4 time arranged for a basic grouping of guitar/keyboards, bass and drums, and you can pretty much guarantee being marginalized. During a 20-year period from roughly 1965-1985, however - a period that witnessed a flowering of musical creativity and widespread openness to experimentation - it was possible to break the rules and have a hit record. Here are ten unlikely hits from that period. Good Vibrations - Beach Boys - 1966, #1 Brian Wilson spent six months and an unheard of $50, 000 perfecting this pop masterpiece. While it starts out with the usual verse/chorus alternation, it moves into a contrasting section that could be a bridge except that it moves on to something yet different.

Learn to Play the Guitar

If you ever wanted to learn to play the guitar, why not start to learn it now. Famous musicians and rock stars all had to start somewhere, right? No one was born with a guitar in their hands. If you are serious about learning how to play the guitar like the pros, a good guide training is the way to go. Although some people have tried to learn this themselves, it would be a better idea to get some sort of a guide that will help you get started and on the right path to playing the guitar well. In order for you to play the guitar, there are about 4 things that you must master first. The 4 things are: 1. The Chords 2. Tuning 3. Picking 4. Strumming When you play the guitar, you will be either strumming the guitar or picking the strings.

Playing the Guitar - Acoustic Stylings

The acoustic guitar is an instrument which produces sound via the vibration of the strings through the hollow body, sound board and sound hole. String vibration can be achieved by using a flatpick, usually made of plastic, or by simply strumming the strings with the thumb. One can pick individual notes or strike a combination of strings at once to produce a chord. A more intricate method is fingerpicking, a technique which uses the thumb and tips of the fingers to strike individual strings. Fingertips, fingernails (which are usually grown longer for this specific purpose), fingerpicks which are attached to the thumb and fingers can all be used for fingerpick guitar playing.

Living in New York City - Music to Your Ears

There are so many different perks to living in New York City : the culture, the restaurants, the education and of course, the music. Music is everywhere, and not just one type, but all genres. No matter what type of music you like, you can find it in the city and in a number of different settings. If you are looking to spend a night on the town and hear some great music, that is not a problem in New York. There are plenty of bars, clubs, and lounges throughout the city that feature live musicians. Try going downtown to the Knitting Factory where you'll find indie-rock bands, jazz groups, and plenty of local bands on the rise. For a different type of music, check out the BB King Blues Club in Times Square.

Easily Learn How to Play Acoustic Guitar

Have you ever stopped to listen for a minute to a musician gently strumming an acoustic guitar or performing a fiery, soul-stirring flamenco number? The sounds of an acoustic guitar bring out mystery and a feeling of romance for many people. Most people never stop to consider how versatile and wide-ranging acoustic guitars are, but almost all of them can enjoy the beautiful music they make. Is playing an acoustic guitar a talent that you always wanted to learn? You could just look at a guitar and imagine the intricate melody of notes of your strum. You wonder how hard it actually would be to play guitar and how much money it might cost to learn how to play.

What Makes Playing Guitar Seem So Effortless to the Top Guys?

What is it that these people do or have that we don't? There has to be some secret that they are using that is known to only a select few, right? Well in my view you're right, there is a secret. There is a secret that they know and use everyday. I'm guessing you would like to know what it is, yeah? Well OK, I'll tell you, its practice and lots of it. Now OK, I know that's not what you wanted to hear but before you move swiftly on to see if anyone else has the magic pill, bear with me for a moment or two and I'll explain what's going on here and how you can use it to skyrocket your playing. Let's go back to when you were a small child, when you were just born in fact and look at an analogy that I think will clear up a lot of frustration.

Musical Feuds

There are many famous instances of immortal musicians being insulted by other famous musicians. Johann Sebastian Bach, like most musicians of the day, worked as a church musician. He was anything but docile, and was known to rankle easily. He was once reproved for playing "strange harmonies" during a church service. Bach's answer was to play even stranger harmonies the next Sunday, and this from the greatest composer of religious music the world has ever seen, the composer of the St. Matthew Passion. Still steaming, the elders complained again to Bach and added the insult that the music was at some points "too long." The next Sunday, of course, the music was much too short.

Easy Guitar Tabs Method of Learning the Guitar

Does using easy guitar tabs help you learn how to play the guitar faster? Struggling to learn to play the guitar? If you are like me, you have tried everything to learn to play the guitar. Sometimes it just seems so very complicated and not much fun at all. After every unsuccessful attempt, It makes you feel frustrated and you think that you'll never learn how to play. Most teaching methods are really boring and does not capture your attention long enough for you to learn. If you could only learn to play some simple songs, you could learn much faster. If this sounds like you, then you are in luck! You can start using easy guitar tabs to learn to play the guitar, almost overnight.

Acoustic Guitar Tabs Make Learning Music Very Easy

Acoustic guitars have the advantage of having a much easier kind of music notation. In this notation, there are no notes, staffs and time signatures giving a much simpler and intuitive template called acoustic guitar tabs which are based on the position of the strings of the guitar. This way you are not required to learn to read music like you need to with other instruments. Tablature or "tabs" are like little pictures of guitar strings which represent the acoustic guitar strings. The top string is the first row and the bottom one is the sixth row. On each of these rows you will have numbers that let you know the fret you are supposed to play. An open string is represented by the number "0" (zero), and an "X" represents a muffed string.

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