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Electric Guitar Lessons Review: Metal Method's Innovative DVDs For Learning To Solo

Who Will Benefit Most From This Program: This instructional course is designed for anyone interested in learning to improvising lead solos on the electric guitar. While the emphasis is on Heavy Metal music, the fundamental techniques and theory are common and essential to Hard Rock, Classic Rock and Blues Rock. About The Author Doug Marks has been playing in bands, recording and teaching for over 23 years. (Hawk is the name of his current band.) His Metal Method Video Guitar Lesson Program was born in 1982 as a result of meeting the needs of his guitar students. The author freely admits that he was never one of these naturally talented guitarists that could hear a song and instantly play it by ear.

The Secret To Learning Guitar Fast

Learning to play an acoustic guitar is harder than you think. You wouldn't believe the amount of time you have to put in practicing various chords and techniques on the guitar just to get them right. When I first got my guitar, for the first week it was always in my hands for at least 6 hours a day! Crazy! I'm not trying to put you off learning the acoustic guitar, just giving you some truth! Anyway, I'm glad I practiced all those hours in the few few months, because it was worth it! Now I'm able to play any song at the request of my friend and family, and boy does my girlfriend love it! So What's The Secret To Learning Guitar? The secret is practice!

The Evolution of Jonas Brothers Music

Jonas Brother music can be generally classified as pop-rock. Although according to their official website, in the second album they released, which is the self-titled The Jonas Brothers, the band aims to classify Jonas Brothers music as pop-punk. Pop-rock or pop-punk, whatever classification it falls into, one thing is quite certain, Jonas Brothers music has come a long way from the debut album they released two years ago in August 2006. The songs in the second album are full of catchy hooks and the usual display of guitar-playing prowess. The melodies of Jonas Brothers music as heard in this second album covers a wide array of musical flexibility. They can go from upbeat dance-rock tunes to acoustic powered ballads.

Who is Brett Manning?

To the "wannabe" singers of the world, the name Brett Manning may not mean much. However, to Keith Urban, Hayley Williams, Brian White and many more established stars, Brett Manning is the man behind their unique vocal styles. At all experience levels, vocal lessons often leave the singer frustrated with the apparent scams and lack of progress, something which Brett himself endured for some time before making it. So, just how then did Brett Manning go from a frustrated amateur to one of the most established vocal coaches in the industry today? Born in the musical mecca of Nashville, Tennessee, Brett spent many years struggling with his vocal talent.

Downloading Music From The Internet - What Not To Do

You've just got a new Zune or other media player, and you're dying to get that song that you used to have on a record. You search the internet and find it! It's free! All you have to do is give them your email address and it's yours. So you start to download it and the next thing you know, you have pop ups every time you open your browser, your anti-virus is complaining about trojans and trackware and your personal information is being copied around the internet. There were signs. A page full of banner ads (some of which you had to avert your eyes from), pop-ups, flashing icons - and you thought you could just download it and transfer it to your Zune.

Bass Guitar Tab - Learn To Play Amazing Grace

In this bass guitar lesson you will learn to play a melody with the help of bass tablature. To play melodies is a great way to practice finger dexterity and you can actually play them to your friends! First we will take a look at a bass tablature staff: ------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- These four lines represent the strings on your bass guitar. We will assume that you have four strings on your bass. The top line represents the first string on your guitar, the string with the highest pitch or the G-string. On these lines you will find numbers telling you to press down your fingers on the frets.

John Mellencamp and the Power of Music

John Mellencamp was recently enshrined rightfully in the Rock & Roll Hall-of-Fame, so quietly that you may have missed it. Makes sense. Most of Mellencamp's career has been that way. John Mellencamp is my favorite musician. Has been since a young boy first discovered music. My enjoyment of music began at the same time Mellencamp first gained national attention, with hits like Jack and Diane, and Hurts So Good. Why would a 13 year-old kid from Brooklyn like, and begin to follow the career of a rocker from Indiana? Even Mellencamp admits, "It has never been cool to be a John Mellencamp fan." That, for me, has always been part of the attraction. Mellencamp has enjoyed popularity, but never wild popularity.

Free iPod Music Downloads Sites - Do They Exist?

Yes, is the short answer. However the word free conjures up all sorts of interpretations which includes something that you don't have to pay for and is as good as the paid article - which we all know is rarely the case! Music downloads that are free are easy to find all you have to do is go to your favourite search engine and type in 'free music download sites' and you will find over 33 million web pages with reference to that search term. With that number of websites you could spend a lifetime and possibly still not find what you want. You might think that with 33 million pages it would be a breeze to find a free download site - but you are sadly mistaken.

Guitar Tab - Learn To Play Long, Long Ago

In this guitar lesson you will learn to read guitar tab notation. You will also learn the popular melody Long, Long Ago. Let us start to learn guitar tablature! Here is a guitar tab staff. The six lines represent the six strings on your guitar. The top line represents string one, the E-string or the string with the highest pitch. ---------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------- On these lines you will find numbers telling you what frets to press down to play the melody.

150,000 Music Fans Enjoy Bud Products at Annual Festival

For three years, Chicago's Grant Park has been the exclusive home of the annual music phenomenon, Lollapalooza. For those same three years, Anheuser-Busch has been the festival's exclusive beer vendor. The three-day event, held in August, welcomed 150, 000 music fans in Summer 2007 who enjoyed 130 bands on eight different stages, including Iggy Pop & The Stooges, Pearl Jam, Patti Smith, Amy Winehouse, and Modest Mouse. Lollapalooza was organized by Jane's Addiction singer Perry Farrell and is a music-lover's bonanza that touches on a remarkable range of musical styles. The diverse lineup has included Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Ramones, Waylon Jennings, Kanye West, and Billy Idol, to name a few.

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