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The Twinkling Sound of the Celesta

When first looking at a celesta, one might assume that it is a miniature piano. While it looks like a piano and it works in much the same way that a piano does, it is not a piano. The celesta, or celeste, is a percussion instrument that is played by pressing the keys on the keyboard. When each key is pressed, the hammer that it is attached to strikes a metal plate, which causes the plate to vibrate and make the sound that one hears. Like the piano, the celesta has a pedal that is used to either prolong the sound or to dampen it and shorten the sound; however, there is one model of the celesta that does not have the pedal. There are three main models of the celesta, known as the fourth octave model, the fifth octave model and the third octave model.

The Hollow Sounds of the Tubular Bell

The tubular bell is a member of the percussion family, because it is played by striking the tubes with a raw hide or plastic hammer. Also referred to as chimes, the tubular bells are a set of hollow tubes that are held in a vertical position on a rack from shortest to longest. The longer tubes will make lower pitched sounds while the shorter tubes will make higher pitched sounds. The diameter of all the tubes is the same; it is just the length of each tube in the set that differs. Studio chimes, which are a smaller version of the tubular bell set, are often used instead, because they are more affordable. The history of the tubular bells is quite vague, but the western world appears to have developed them in the latter half of the 19th century.

You Cannot Lie With a Lyre

Someone looking at a lyre would probably make the observation that it almost makes one think of the harp. While the lyre is not a harp, it is played in a similar fashion, in that the strings are strummed instead of plucked. It is often associated with Classical Antiquity because that is when it was most used. It was used by the Ancient Greeks for a number of different reasons, such as entertainment. It was such an important instrument at the time that many pictures, sculptures and pottery include the image of someone holding onto or playing the instrument. There is still much debate as to how to classify the instrument, though most will classify it as a member of the stringed instrument family.

Invest Properly in Your Singing Career and Sing Your Way to Success

A professional singer is someone who sings to an audience for an agreed fee. What generally separates a professional from an amateur is the fact that the professional has had some form of voice training, usually from a reputable source. Another characteristic of the professional is the wide range of songs he or she can perform and along with experience, this is clearly what it takes to reach such a skilled status. These qualities all make it possible for the professional singer to ask whatever rates they wish to be paid from anyone who is keen to see their performance. A singer is born into the music industry each and every day or the year. The secret, of course, is knowing what do to make yourself stand out from the other hopefuls, who are all too willing to demonstrate their singing skills.

Guitars - How Do They Differ?

Although there are several kinds of guitars the two main ones are the electric and the acoustic and even within these two categories there are many variations. The acoustic guitar is made of wood and the sound it produces depends upon the shape of the guitar and the strings. The body is usually hollow and nylon strings are used. It does not need to be connected to a power supply unless, of course, it is an acoustic electric guitar. There are no effects boxes of any kind required as with the electric guitar. These are some of the guitars which fall within the acoustic group:- - Classical - this is what most beginners choose and it is played sitting down - Flamenco - like the classical but slimmer and produces a crisper sound - Steel-top - this one has a larger body than the classical guitar, is toughened for sturdiness and produces a warmer tone - Twelve strings - the six normal strings have another set an octave higher.

A Brief History of the Electric Guitar

Electric guitars became needed during the big band era in the 30s and 40s as jazz music orchestras; with large brass sections became larger and larger. The first electric guitars that were used were made of a hollow arch-top acoustic guitar body with electromagnetic transducers attached. Les Paul experimented with the idea of electric guitars by attaching microphones to a guitar. One of the earliest electric guitars used tungsten pickups with the acoustic guitar bodies and was designed by Adolph Rickenbacher and George Beauchamp and was built by Harry Watson, who worked for the Electro Strong Instrument Corporation that manufactured the pickups. This guitar was called Rickenbackers and was the first of its kind in the industry.

'Our Love to Admire' by Interpol - Album Review

It's the classic dilemma that faces every band on the brink of 'the big time' (the proper big time, mind - Coldplay not Leon Jackson): make more of the same that's got you this far or dilute things to attract a broader audience and thus turn off all your original fans in the process. To sell out or not to sell out, that is (quite literally) the million-dollar question. So, with a new label no doubt rubbing their hand with anticipation, which way did Interpol go? The buzz in the media was of a U2-style phenomenon ready to explode, though, in fairness, it's a tall order to imagine the NY quartet ever reaching the housewives. The good news is that Our Love To Admire is not going to win them a guest spot on Loose Women, and many of the core ingredients that made their first two albums so compelling are present and correct.

Pure Pitch Method Review

Having a good sense of relative pitch is essential for all singers & musicians. That's why Pure Pitch Method should be a required purchase for all aspiring singers and musicians. Pure Pitch Method is the best ear training program available. And it can be purchased & downloaded immediately online. Pure Pitch Method helps singers & musicians develop both relative pitch and perfect pitch. This ear training program will greatly improve your singing ability and your musicianship. It is also essential for songwriting. Without being able to hear music, you can definitely not write it! Among the skills you can develop with the Pure Pitch Method is the ability to name notes and chords by ear.

An Introduction to DJ Equipment

Historically, a DJ setup has consisted of two turntables, a mixer and some speakers. But today, thanks to new technological innovations, DJs can choose from a selection of different means of playing their music. They can use turntables, CD turntables, computer software or any combination therein. Each of these categories are described more in detail in their own sections. Turntables - While these might look like those things your parents played records on, the similarities end there. DJ turntables offer several features not found on a regular turntable. The most important of these is the ability to increase or decrease the speed that the record is moving.

How to Find the Acoustic Beginner Guitar That is Right For Your Pocket

Before you go out and buy your acoustic beginner guitar you need to decide what budget you can afford. Here you will be given a short list of acoustic guitars ranging from the expensive to more affordable acoustic beginner guitars. And if you really struggle for money you will also find very useful tips for buying second hand guitars. If you can afford a high quality guitar it will pay off dividends in the long run. A good quality guitar will be easier to play and the sound will be that much better as well. To this end, here are two stand out guitars for your consideration. A guitar that would take anyone from novice status to advanced player is the Seagull S6 who make a very fine acoustic beginner guitar.

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