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Top 10 Ways to Protect and Care for Your Glass Collection

1. Never let anyone borrow from your collection. If it disappears, breaks, or is otherwise damaged, not only your collection will be ruined, but possibly also your relationship with the borrower. Letting people borrow expensive stuff may be a nice thing to do, but sometimes people are irresponsible or things that they cannot control could happen. 2. Do not put your glass collection in direct sunlight or under direct heat. Also avoid sudden temperature changes. 3. Always use both hands when carrying or moving the pieces to prevent dropping them. If you do not want to leave fingerprints, use gloves that do not slip. 4. Be there when visitors take a look at the collection.

Astrology [101]

Love Star Signs - Virgo In-Depth

Virgo (the Virgin) Aug 23rd to Sept 23rd Mythology : Persephone who was the goddess of the spring season was kidnapped by Hades the god of the underworld. Persephone's mother Dementer, who was goddess of the harvest, ruined the harvest in her grief. Persephone was permitted to return to assist her mother in the harvest but only for 6 months of each year. This is said to be why Virgo's constellation is only visible from March to August. Positive traits: Virgo is an earth sign which makes them practical and controlled. Their modality is mutable which gives them flexibility. Virgo are very meticulous and diligent. They are intelligent people who are concerned with the logical approach to matters.

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Humanities [217]

What Did It Mean to Be a Member of Victorian Society?

The term Victorian society might be generally applied to any middle class Victorian family that could afford to take part in the expanding social activities of the day. There is another meaning to the term society in Victorian England and that is the term Society (note the capital S) referred to a group of families that were either royalty, titled aristocracy (Dukes, Duchesses, Earl's etc.) or established land owners. Some prominent politicians, wealthy merchants, doctors and other professional people were also included as a part of Society. Although it is not that clear (unless born to) as to how one got into this elite group it is estimated that approximately 10, 000 (from around 1, 500 families) made up this group in Victorian England.

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Humor [263]

The Importance of Funny Videos

Watching funny videos has its own advantages. When life has become very monotonous these days you have to enjoy certain moments in it by way of relaxation of mind. There are many ways of diverting your mind. Some of the well-known diversions include reading books, listening to good music and watching movies to name a few. Watching videos has become increasingly a popular means of diversion these days thanks to the demanding circumstances around us that makes us grope for amusement opportunities. In short it can be said that watching funny videos is an opportunity to amuse thoroughly. It is one of the ways by which the tension prevailing in the mind can be subjugated.

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Movies TV [1416]

Uncensored Confession of an Independent Movie Producer

This uncensored confession of an independent movie producer is being shared with readers that want to be in the entertainment business, are in the entertainment business, or are fascinated by the entertainment business that thrives outside of the glitz of celebrity. I am only one of many independent movie producers that work hard to make movies to feed their creative passion and pay their bills. Producing indie movies is always frustrating and extremely thrilling at the same time. One the most frustrating jobs of any movie producer is finding film financing to produce an independent film that does not have known actors attached to the project. You are asking movie investors to back a project written by an unknown screenwriter that has no bankable celebrities attached, and that is being visually guided by a first time director or one with limited credits.

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Music [2148]

Learn How to Become a DJ

There are three kinds of people who aspire to be DJs -- those content to play video games, those who'd like to play weddings or private parties and a person who dreams of the big time -- mixing at fancy clubs for enthusiastic crowds. Fortunately there are options available for every type of wanna-be DJ. Thanks to the popularity of the video game Guitar Hero, there are now games for all music styles and mixing DJ music is no exception. For those under 21 years of age, playing a video game is a good way to discover if you have real interest and in this art form, or whether it's a passing fad. With a game you'll be able to inspire your imagination while developing skills to use later on.

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Performing Arts [537]

It's Tough to Find Work As a Professional Voice Over

There are thousands of people who wonder if it is tough to find voice over work. To be honest, working as a professional voiceover is not any harder than doing any other kind of professional job. There are certain skills you are going to have to have and you will need to market yourself well in order to be noticed. Do voice over artists need the right voice? Has anyone ever told you that you have a voice made for radio? If you have had this then you may be up for some work in voice overs. The reason for this is that while directors do choose a range of different voices you will have to be able to do certain things with your voice. Having your voice evaluated by a professional company is a good way to find out if your voice is right for VO work.

Philosophy [83]

Hackers and Logic Bombs on Computer Systems - What About Logic Bombs on Humans?

A logic bomb computer virus is one which starts working and is self-triggered upon some event occurring, think of it as a hidden hot-key when you ask the computer to do something. At that point it executes various tasks, anything from deleting program files to deleting saved information. Worse, these logic bombs can be triggered by a negative event, something that does not occur as well, for instance if you fail to do something by a certain time, even if you don't know what that something is? Now then, what about human logic bombs? Can they exist too? Yes, they do exist, and for those who study Freud you will immediately understand this, as some event triggers a certain type of behavior in the individual due to a very powerful imprintation of neurons in the person's past history or childhood.

Photography [1390]

Critical Analysis Of The Aesthetic Appreciation Of Photography

Photography has been the subject of varied intelligent. Modern societies are saturated with photographs. From holiday snapshots to newspapers, adverts, and the pristine walls of the fine art galleries, photographs can be found everywhere, performing an extraordinary range of functions. A critical fascination with the medium has inspired many quite different responses to photographs. Pictorial photography's deep entrenchment in outdated, painterly aesthetic standards can be ascertained by time period of 1889-1920 to other contemporary art movements time periods. For example impressionism captured changing and fleeting movements through light and colour the pictorial photographers appointed its tenets of intense observation of light to render more classical designs.

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Poetry [524]

Poems: Some Poetry Thoughts

Poems give light to pleasure in words. I don't know what poets like it for, but as I practice my poetry every word comes alive, while I diffuse myself to that which lay before me. From a burnt wood, from the slivers of time, from the gusty wind of waves, how from heart unto heart life could feel and see, believe the hum of seasons, touch the blossom of sun, face the whip of tide, thou receive the mercy of Allah. Thought: In poems the hands are filled with abounding grace In those times they're denied the sweetness of flesh The hands and grip are never releasing Until something blooms from stars, the clouds drop rain And refresh seeds for a harvest.

Tattoos [81]

Traditional Tattoo Design Information

Traditional designs are using heavy black outlines with minimal color and a lot of black shades. So, they are usually darker in appearance and the color choice is limited to simple colors such as average blue, green, red and yellow. Colors are used in blocks with very few details. Also, they are being styled in such a standard way that everything they portray appears as a two-dimensional shape, without any three-dimensional depth. Traditional designs usually lack a lot of complicity since they were done years ago with less advanced equipment and the tattoos were made fast at lower prices. Many traditional tattoo designs are portraying military and nautical motives and themes, as navy and army men were the primary tattoo clients.

Accounting [56]

Roles Available As an Accountant

The field of Accounting is broad and wide-ranging and has a origin that goes way back into ancient history. Anyone that have a special talent with numbers or figures combined with the ability to pay close attention to details may aspire to be an accountant by taking up a degree in Accounting or Accountancy. Additional knowledge in computer usage as well as written and oral communication comprise the qualities of a pursuing aspirant in the discipline of accounting. Upon completion of the education required, training and obtaining an license, the qualified accountant may apply for positions in the many available jobs for an accounting practitioner. Various tasks which are vital in the operation of a company or government agency are executed by an employed accountant.

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Branding [50]

Capturing Your Brand - Do Not Let Your Efforts Be Compromised

Why You Must Capture Your Identity The purpose of capturing your identity is to ensure that all the branding work you do is protected. You do not want to go through the effort of creating your brand only to find out that later you are in competition over your brand with someone else or another business. This is especially true on the Internet where many of the rules of business, trademarks, patents, copyrights, and other legal protections are not well defined or easily challenged. It does not take large amounts of money to register names; so it is wise to do your diligence and register your identity before you begin building your brand. Decide What You Want for Your Brand Whether you are looking to establish your name as a brand, a slogan, a trade name, or other identity;

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Passing That Job Interview - The One Technique to Rule Them All

Today I want to write about an interview technique that is so fundamental, perhaps even so obvious it should not even need saying at all... you would think. If you get it right, it can seem like you are the untouchable interviewee. You can give poor, unstructured answers or even be an unsuitable candidate for the role and the interviewer will not even notice, and can even be heard backwards rationalising their decision to recommend you for the job. It is not uncommon to hear the interviewer justify their decision with things like "they just had something about them" or "they deserve a chance." We are not talking hypnotism or voodoo here, and there are no Jedi mind tricks involved (although get it wrong and it does have a 'dark side') no we are talking about being likeable.

5 Essential Secrets to a Successful ERP Software Implementation

Undergoing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation deployment can be full of highs and lows as your company anticipates the changes that will occur in your existing workflow. The key to handling your staffs' expectations is effective planning, precise job related training, timely mock live experience, anticipation management and scheduled follow-ups. Effective ERP Implementation Planning Your upcoming implementation should include customized ERP templates catered to your industry and staff skill level. Utilize these templates to understand how your workflow will be impacted and how to be proactive with the impending changes. Work on customized feasible solutions instead of dwelling on what is changing.

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The World is in a Process of New Becoming

Part 2 of a 5 Part Series Introducing the Concept of Participative Capitalism Our sense of things is that Capitalism is the underlying force that has undermined the current economic system and that it should be replaced. We generally look to some form of socialist solution to replace the Capitalistic one which we deem to have failed. But Wallace D. Wattles was way ahead of the game in 1910 when he pointed out that it is not capitalism that is at fault but the manner in which it has been manipulated by people who operate on the competitive plane as opposed to the creative plane. CREATIVE versus COMPETITIVE PLANE I now turn to the other important book I referred to in part 1 and explore the distinction between power and force developed by David R.

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Franchising [40]

How Do Franchises Work? The Truth About the Franchise Business

How do franchises work? Well, franchises work but the problem is most people don't really know how much work they take and how much effort they really need to put in to make their franchises produce REAL profits right off the bat. There are many different options when it comes to franchising but I'm going to hone in on the 2 most popular today. 1. Brick & Mortar (i.e. Subway, Mcdonalds, Janiking 2. Internet (i.e. High ticket commission marketing systems) When it comes down to it Brick and Mortar franchising is the most popular because it's what most people KNOW. They are the most expensive to start, NEVER produce profit their first year and require a lot of maintenance (employees, product inventory, quarterly taxes).

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Management [100]

Trade Management - Here's How it Works

How fast you get to market these days is a highly sensitive and critical issue with many companies. If they don't get their products or services out there before the competition does, they lose the competitive edge. It's a fact that even a mere two seconds may make the difference between winning and losing trade. While that may sound ridiculous, it's how trading works and only those who are the best at it become industry leaders. In order to manage trade effectively there has to be ready access to multiple venues and of course, timing is of the critical essence. You will need a broker neutral trading solution and the long range ability to add new trading instruments and be able to put together cross-asset trading platforms.

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Marketing [117]

Tiger Shaped Stress Balls - An in Depth Look at These Popular Promotional Stress Balls

Are you looking for a wild way of promoting your company or organisation? Wildlife animal stress balls come in many different shapes, one of the most popular being the tiger. Tigers are often used as mascots for sports teams, schools and colleges or in logos for companies. Tigers are also one of the most popular animals at zoos so these shapes are very popular in zoo and wild safari park gift shops. They are also an excellent way of promoting exotic African holidays or African themed events. Here, I would like to introduce you to these very popular stress balls shapes. One way tigers are used is to play with and make your company colours really stand out.

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Why Didn't Your Last Trade Show Pay Profits?

A few weeks ago I visited a trade show and strolled each of the aisles several times. As I did I picked up a few ad premiums, dropped my card in about two dozen "fish bowl" drawings (didn't win a thing! ) and got my show ID scanned a few times. I talked with a few reps about what they did, and actually found one that I wanted to talk with. He was working with another attendee, so I handed him my card with a note saying "Call Me". That was over a month ago. And not a single exhibitor has contacted me. Have you ever wondered why you Trade Show Investment didn't pay off? Have you thought about your follow-up? In the past year we participated in a few trade shows around the region.

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Networking [47]

Friendly Competition in Business

If you work for someone you should always be cordial and network with the competition. For one thing if your job is no more than you have potential employers in the offing. Besides you never know what you might learn. Even if you are the owner of a company you may need assistance or help with an item or project so it's always good to have rapport with competing companies but, for me, I opt for friendly competition as best. For years, until I switched industries, I never had a resume. If I found myself in the position of needing a new job I'd do some networking and shortly after got another job. Now I've started my own company so I am networking for business and for camaraderie but wasn't aware of any company offering was what I was doing until recently.

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Outsourcing [53]

Writing Programs - Are They Worth It?

We all have our strengths and weaknesses and it seems in this day of increased internet business and online interaction, a strength in English and writing is a definite advantage. For the rest, the latest trend in writing programs must seem like a God-send. But for those who have or might succumb to the temptation of wasting their hard earned dollar on such a program, it might be prudent to remember this: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The number of programs promising to write your articles for you and rewrite the same article for you and distribute it online is growing, but I've yet to come across one that is worth the money. Here's why.

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Presentation [47]

An Introduction to GBC Pouch Laminators

Have you ever wanted to laminate your documents and photographs so that they'd be immune to damage from spills, rips, and other catastrophes? If so, what you need is a pouch laminator, and some of the best ones available are made by General Binding Corporation (GBC). GBC makes devices that are great for a lot of different needs, whether you're laminating a letter-sized document or needing to produce a bunch of ID badges. Here's an introduction to GBC laminators and what they can be used for. For Smaller Items. One of the most compact machines GBC makes is the HeatSeal H110. This device has a 4.5-inch feed opening that's absolutely perfect for the lamination of small items such as business cards and luggage tags.

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Productivity [48]

Creating ROI With Idea Management and Innovation Management Software

With consumer and business spending depressed, now, more than ever, organizations are struggling to not only compete, but to stay in business. To survive, organizations are turning up the pressure on anything and anybody that can increase revenue and reduce costs. Not surprisingly, much of this has fallen on employees, who are responding by increasing productivity and sacrificing salary increases. At some point, the obvious reductions are completed and further staff reductions are considered. However, this is probably the wrong place to look. Research has shown that almost 70% of business knowledge is in the minds of the employees, and general employees are 3X more likely to generate good ideas than a specialist.

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Small Business [100]

Cleaning Needs For Your Growing Small Business

So your small business has finally grown to the point where you are ready for some employees and some office space. You have found a small rental property that fits your budget. You have hired some talented people to work with you in that new office. But, who is going to clean it? Office cleaning might be something that you forgot to consider. While working from home, you probably incorporated cleaning your workspace with the rest of your home. Or, you might have found that you just work better if you leave everything out and just clean up once a month. However, now that you have employees who have to share that space with you, letting it build up is no longer an option.

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Mind the Gap Between Business Strategy Operational Change

Anyone who's been on London's Underground will have heard the world famous warning for passengers. "Mind the Gap" was introduced in 1969 to warn passengers about the space between the train carriage and the platform. Just like passengers in a hurry or who think they know best run the risk of falling between the two, businesses need to maintain conscious awareness of the very real and tangible gap existing between their strategy and desire to achieve effective operational change. Business Strategies are specific when it comes to the organisation's mission, vision and objectives; Direction is clear, ROI specified, and growth expectations and market share targets listed to support both.

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Team Building [45]

Six Team Essentials

Peak performance should be the goal of every organization. There are hundreds of books, tools and other resources dedicated to the pursuit of this outcome. Over the years, and through working with hundreds of clients, we have come up with a working list of Team Essentials. The list is by no means complete, and the unique qualities and goals of individual teams will add to or detract from this list - however, this list provides a framework around which a team can achieve. Vision - without a common vision, it is difficult to achieve results. The foundation of any team should be a shared vision for what the team is there to accomplish. Effective Communication - in order for a team to get the most from its members, it is imperative that everyone makes an effort to communicate openly, honestly, and without reservation.

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Derisking to Make Your Business More Attractive to Venture Capital Investors

Derisking is the process of removing risk factors from your business in order to make it more attractive to an outside investor or to an outside buyer. It is one of the most important factors in the grooming process in order to be an attractive company to invest in i.e. "Investor Ready". There are dozens of areas and hundreds of ways in which a business may be exposed without knowing it. In the normal course of business an owner may not worry about these factors, as they are within the "comfort zone" of operation. For an external party to get involved however, they need a much more transparent organisation so they are not confronted at a later date with skeletons in the closet.

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Bankruptcy [53]

Liens in Bankruptcy Cases

A lien is, in short, a claim by a creditor on the property or assets of a debtor. They are designed to assure the creditor receives compensation (payment or other satisfaction) of a debt. In the event that the individual owing the creditor money cannot pay or refuses to pay the money they owe, the lien may allow his or her property to be foreclosed on and sold, providing the creditor with the compensation they are owed. Some liens are voluntary (or consensual), meaning that they are put in place by a contract between the creditor and debtor. Consensual liens include mortgages, security interests, car loans, and chattel mortgages. Chattel is defined as moveable property like vehicles, home furnishings, or livestock as opposed to "real" property like land.

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Credit [79]

How to Look at Credit Cards

Credit cards today have many different views by consumers. It really comes down to how much understanding and control the consumer has on credit cards and the strength to control spending. The main selling point behind the entire credit card game is that with credit it allows you to finance purchases without having to pay the cost at the time of the purchase. For some this is the greatest thing that they can think of and it's the last time they think about it until the bill comes in the mail. Then the consumer has a hello attack and starts to wonder how they are ever going to pay for that purchase, that they just had to have when they bought it. There are many consumers that can live day today without ever having credit card problems, but for others out there this is a very serious problem.

Best Forex Robots - Can You Really Make Huge Gains With No Effort?

There are a few Forex robots which compete for the title of the best Forex robot but it is really possible to make huge gains with no effort and for spending the cost of a night out. - Let's take a look and find out. Before we look at the Robots consider this fact: Banks and brokerages, pay their top dealers millions to hundreds of millions in salaries and bonuses but none of these top traders could present a track record which is as good as the best Forex robots present which begs the question: Why have the banks not sacked their dealers and replaced them with cheap robots? The answer of course is the robots never produce the gains they claim and instead, most traders who use them get wiped out.

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Banking Tips - Make the Most of Your Money

If the principle behind getting rich slowly could be summarized in two words, they would be these: save money. And what better way is there to save money than to put it in a bank account? When used wisely, bank accounts can help your money grow. When used foolishly, they can drain your finances. Here are some tips for putting your money to work by putting it in the bank. Banking Tip #1: Choose a Good Savings Account Gone are the days when grandpas used to bury mason jars full of pennies all across their back yards. Now, we can use banks to keep our money safe and secure. And unlike Grandpa's stagnant coins, the money you put into a savings account will earn interest.

Why Do the Greatest Risk Takers Amass the Most Wealth?

Many wealthy people often credit their fortune to taking risks that paid off handsomely. They also testify that their risky ideas required courage to follow through, which makes their rewards even better. There are a few factors that contribute to the success of risk takers. First, risk takers are practical thinkers. They do not have their heads in the clouds, and they do not implement any idea that pops into their minds because they know which means of creating wealth will work best for them. The common misconception is that they take risks blindly, when in fact they thoroughly test their ideas before implementing them. They look for practical opportunities, wait for a favorable time to make the most of the opportunities, and then assess their chances at making gains for themselves.

Commercial [41]

A Behind the Scenes Look

How Your Professional Liability Premium is Determined To those outside of the insurance industry it may appear that professional liability premiums are determined somewhat randomly by people with limited knowledge of the design profession. As a former underwriter turned broker, I am here to tell you that this misconception couldn't be further from the truth. Your professional liability premiums are established through a process involving the assessment of several factors over which you have some power to influence. Looking through the eyes of an underwriter, design professionals can gain an edge in obtaining the best possible insurance premiums with the use of a thoughtful application submission.

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Health [134]

Living in London? You Need Health Insurance!

London, the capital of England, is also one of the commercial capitals of the Western hemisphere and the largest financial centre in the world. A metropolitan and 'world' city in its true sense, it welcomes people from all over the world, drawn here from the opportunities and the perks it provides. Today, London has a population of over 9, 000, 000, a vast chunk of which are non-native UK residents. This makes it a very vibrant and competitive city, that continues to attract and provide for everyone who London his home. One of the reasons London is a popular choice for many immigrants and has had such an influx of culture from all over the world is the standard of living it offers, along with many other things.

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Travel [92]

Shopping For Visitors Insurance

Looking for international travel insurance? Sadly, so few realize their need for travelers insurance; mistakenly assuming that their health insurance policy will cover medical expenses incurred while they are traveling abroad. If you are searching for visitor medical insurance, you are ahead of the game! In your search for international travel insurance, here are a few things you might want to know. Not all Insurance Companies are Equal * It is important to shop around for visitor medical insurance. There are numerous companies that offer insurance products for international travelers, so choose the one that best suits your needs. * Look for a company that has a good reputation.

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Commitment [226]

What You Should Expect From a Committed Relationship

Commitment for some is a scary word and an even scarier concept. Today we are going to be talking about what you should expect from a committed relationship and why these types of relationships are empowering. When you are in a committed relationship this is more than just vowing to stay together and to not "cheat" this is a commitment to be there for one another through the good times and the bad. The accept each others differences and to be there to build each other up when times get tough. When you are in this type of relationship your perspective needs to change. Growing up, you probably only had to worry about yourself, think about yourself, or even make your actions based sole and exclusively on your own needs but what changes when you decide to share your life with someone else is that you are no longer the only focus.

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Communication [122]

Mental Emotional Abuse - When Your Partner's Judgments Are Your Defects

Have you ever noticed how your partner's judgments about you say more about him than they do about you? Yet, he stands behind these judgments as though they are a certified list of your defects. "You are a lousy housekeeper, because you don't fold the laundry 'correctly', " he declares. "You're a pig because of the way you keep your car (or better yet, don't keep up your car), " he insists. Or, how about this one: "You are a spoiled brat because you have the safety net of your family's wealth, " he whines. Now as an outsider looking in, at first glance, you could think he's actually talking about you. And even in your reality, his observations could be accurate.

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Singles [246]

Thoughts and Revelations: Why Am I Single?

Perhaps you may be wondering why I'm single. I've provided a lot of good advice and information on a variety of subjects relating to dating and relationship. I seem to have an understanding with how humans operate, yet yes indeed, at the time of writing this I am single. I am single by choice, just the same as when I meet the right woman, I will be no longer single, by choice. Here's a question to ask yourself, why are you single? The answer will be a reflection of your life experience, views and opinions. It will delve deep into your subconscious. There are many reasons why you are single, unique to each person, but fear not, being single isn't as horrible a fate as you may think it may be.

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Paranormal [101]

Real Wolfman? The Werewolf of Bedburg

The year was 1589, in the German village of Bedburg. This was a time when superstition and religion ruled supreme in people's lives. Many things that we consider common today were considered ghastly in those times. That is why the alleged crimes and the trial that followed must have been unimaginable for folks living in the time of The Werewolf of Bedburg. For years the local townsfolk had been tormented by something that they could only describe as a demon. Their livestock and even children had become the victim of something horrible. Throats were ripped out and flesh was eaten away from the unfortunate victims. The beast that lingered in the forest had left a trail of blood and misery in its wake.

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Psychic [113]

The History Of Astrology In The Western World

Astrology is something that has been around for thousands of years, and it is a subject that captures the imagination of millions of people around the world on a daily basis. It does have its roots in various areas of the world, and this is why there are distinct traditions on different continents. One of the most popular is what is known as western astrology, and this is what people in Europe and North America really read about with their star signs. This has its roots in the Middle East and in particular the Babylonians meaning we are following the same basic ideas that were first introduced over 4000 years ago. This then started to spread through civilizations such as the Egyptians, but it was then mainly the Greeks that helped to mould it more into something that we recognize today.

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Psychology [89]

Why A Solid Self-Esteem is Needed in Today's World

A strong sense of self and good self-esteem is needed for a mentally healthy individual, no doubt about that. Of course how you develop a solid self-esteem or an earned ego is equally important. If people have a low self-esteem, often they will put down others in order to lift it up, but in doing so they are hurting the other person self-esteem as well. You can understand how this can lead to unintended consequences and spread almost like the flu. There was an interesting article in "Terra Daily - News About Planet Earth" online, which was featured in the "About Us" section titled "Study: Low Self-Esteem Increases Bias" written by some staff writers at UC Davis California on February 23, 2011.

Science [103]

Is It Possible to Breed Humans and Chimpanzees Together?

If we used human sperm, and chimpanzee eggs could we merge the two together and get an offspring which would actually live? After all, the DNA is 98.7% similar, so theoretically it should be totally possible. Perhaps, the offspring would not be able to have a viable offspring, or maybe it would. We don't know that, but I ask, should we find out - could we do this experiment without causing religious fanatics to become one with a state of rage? And even if you can only get a mule, by breeding a donkey and a horse, you are still pretty close to being the same species. Perhaps, this is why I've come to the conclusion that as interesting as humans are, I am just not all that impressed with their sound and fury, or contrived chaos and controversy.

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Athletic Trainer Schools - Higher Education Opportunities

Professional athletic trainers assist athletes by helping them prevent and rehabilitate from injuries. The educational level required to become an athletic trainer is set at a bachelor's degree. However, students can learn basic skills in a higher education setting to prepare them for a college or university degree. Higher education opportunities offered by athletic trainer schools will open a world of doors. With physical activity being extremely hard on the body trainers focus on providing a high level of health care on the spot. Trainers help athletes by diagnosing, assessing, and treating injuries that occur due to physical exertion. Professionals also work to educate sports teams on proper equipment use techniques and exercises to maximize training.

Acne [1909]

Benefits of Using Revitol Scar Removal Cream

Scars, especially caused by acne can be really embarrassing. Acne is inevitable; as both adults and teenagers suffer from it. However it is possible to avoid scars by not pinching acne, or pimples. Consequently, it is also possible to remove acne using a product called Revitol scar removal cream. Revitol cream is one of various skin cream products Revitol has to offer. Though there are various other acne scar removal creams available on the market, Revitol acne cream is a better option because of the many benefits it offers. First of all, this is a product that contains only natural ingredients, that ensures the safe and unlimited use of the cream for removing acne scars.

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Aerobics Cardio [248]

Why Cardio Works Well

Everybody wants to be fit and healthy. More so, everybody wants to have that toned perfect body. We can attain this goal by doing exercises. And as all of us are aware of, there are many fitness programs available to us today; we just have to know which one works for us. Fitness programs consist of many components and among these components, one we are most familiar with is the cardiovascular exercise. This may be well known to you as simply cardio. People have a good reason to believe that cardio works well because the concept of the exercise is very much rational. In doing cardio exercises, you must continually move the body, therefore increasing your heart rate.

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Allergies [415]

Excellent Shield To All Harmful Elements - Dust Extraction Systems

There is great need of taking important steps for the health of all human beings. It is observed that due to some harmful particles at the workplace, lots of workers are suffering from various diseases. Companies must take steps to install the dust extraction systems at their plants, because good health of employees can be more beneficial for the company. As employees are an important asset of the company, so companies must do something for the welfare of the employees. Companies must know the importance of good health of employees, because healthy employees can play an important part in increasing the production. Companies must provide particle free atmosphere to the employees.

Alternative [91]

Meridians and Acupuncture - Are Meridians Responsible For Energy Flowing Through Our Body?

Meridians are actually an imaginary energy channels running through our body. When they are out of balance or blocked we get sick or feel tired. When a Chinese Acupuncturist insert needles into our acupuncture points in the body it stimulates the meridians and helps energy flowing freely through our body. OK. This has no physical or scientific proof except for the fact that it helps millions of people in the world, including me, to heal, naturally, endless times. I Get Stabbed by Henry Every Time I Go to See Him And I Pay For It When ever I go to see Henry Su in his acupuncture clinic 'Good Health Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Clinic' here in Wellington, I let him insert acupuncture needles into my body.

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Anti Aging [1782]

Anti Aging Vitamins - 3 Best Health Tips for Aging Problem

Since aging is a natural process, it is not possible to stop it. However, as we age, we tend to face many problems in our health. This is certainly due to the deficiencies that take place in our body. Therefore, in such a situation, the body needs some external sources of nutrients through which it can remain fit. The anti aging supplements are the best option in this case. Vitamins are necessarily more important for an aging body than any other nutrition. Therefore, anti aging vitamins are especially available which helps to keep the body fit and active, and also keeps health problems at bay. There are plenty of health tips that can be given for the aging problem.

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Arthritis [539]

How To Fight Pain Associated With Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis and is characterized by pain in the joint, stiffness, and even loss of movement. It is a degenerative joint disease and slowly evolves as part of the aging process. Osteoarthritis has been around for a very long time, going back as far as the dinosaur bones and Egyptian mummies which show evidence of the disease. The disease is classified as a non-inflammatory type of arthritis; but recent research shows this not to be true. Early on in the disease inflammation is usually not a problem; but as the cartilage starts to wear away and fragment, the loose pieces of cartilage cause an immune response and inflammation.

Back Pain [814]

5 Methods to Stay Away From Back Discomfort

Back discomfort is usually the complaint from distinctive individuals. Mostly, mid-thirties individuals are the ones who are having this kind of difficulty. Back pain may perhaps be knowledgeable due to many issues just like sleeping in a seated position or lying down within the straight and difficult floor. Here we'll offer you 5 strategies to avoid the back discomfort that you just are worrying. 1. Have an exercising and great healthy posture. Excellent position and common exercise may assist you to reduce the discomfort at your back. Workouts that can be carried out should be not too hard and tough, just straightforward stretching out is sufficient. Generally straighten up your back though sitting and walking to have an excellent stance.

Beauty [2066]

Chemical Filter For Salons - 3 Reasons Your Salon Air Needs to Be Filtered

Someone once said that being beautiful is hard work. What is also true is that performing the services that make people beautiful can be hazardous. Here are the top 3, no-kidding reasons why your salon air should be continuously filtered. 1. Client Satisfaction ---This has always been an important factor in the beauty industry and as grown to be more of an issue as clients look for beauty solutions and experiences that do not expose them to harsh chemicals and fumes. Green products are becoming more available, but so are new products such as the Brazilian Blowout. And even though there is still controversy about what the Brazilian Blowout contains, most will agree that it produces a smell that is less than appealing.

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Build Muscle [2186]

Achieving a Great Figure

When summertime comes, one of the most popular destinations is the beach. It is where a lot of people get an enjoyable break from work and school. The combination of sun, sand and sea never fails to be a great antidote to stress. Some men, however, would be a bit hesitant to take off their shirts on the beach because they don't have nice body to show. So in preparation to the beach travel, a lot of them go to the gym to work out so they can have an excellent figure to expose. Those who spend long hours in the gym don't get the body they want because they may be missing out on one essential factor: bodybuilding supplements. There may be times when you want to push yourself to the limit but your body can't just cope with it.

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Dental Care [101]

How to Keep a Winning Smile Despite Having Serious Problems

Many people fear going to have their teeth looked at for various reasons. The thought of someone digging around in their mouths and using huge needles and drills has put people off going to see a professional for decades. However, the office connected to a general dentistry clinic is far removed from the older style clinics. With a cosmetic dentist, the patient is made to feel at ease and will probably appreciate the way in which he is handled. For many years these professionals were paid for how many teeth were actually extracted. This meant, obviously, that the professional was much more likely to yank out any tooth that was considered to be less than perfect.

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Depression [577]

How You Can Easily Defeat Your Depression

You can easily defeat your depression by paying attention to the meaning of your dreams. They contain precious messages that work like psychotherapy. You understand that these messages cure your psyche because your dreams talk about your pain. You feel relieved for understanding what is happening to you. I transformed the complicated method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung into a simple method of dream translation. Today, you can simply learn my fast method of instant translation from images into words and immediately understand all dream messages. The effect the meaning of dreams has on the psychology of depressed people is really impressive.

Diabetes [888]

Healthy Meal Plans to Manage Type 2 Diabetes

If you are among the millions of people who have type 2 diabetes, dietary changes can prevent such complications as heart disease, kidney failure, amputation and blindness. Don't let diabetes rule your life. Learn how to create healthy meal plans so you can effectively manage this condition. Balance Carbohydrates Properly Your goal as a person with diabetes is to control your blood-sugar levels. Your doctor will give you the ideal target range for your particular situation. Carbohydrates convert into sugar after the body breaks them down, so they are the main culprits of elevated sugar levels. Since carbohydrates are a primary fuel source for the body, you cannot eliminate them from your diet.

Diseases [1540]

Alternative Therapies for Treating Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a painful syndrome that afflicts 2% of the women in the United States today. While medication has proven to be helpful in treating fibromyalgia's symptoms, patients should also seek out alternative treatments to gain even more relief. Some of the most commonly used alternative therapies for treating this syndrome include massage therapy, acupuncture and exercise. It is important to take a look at each of them to see how they may be of benefit to you. Massage Therapy There are numerous ways in which fibromyalgia patients can benefit from massage therapy. To begin with it will cause your muscles to relax so that more blood can flow to your sore areas and when this happens your mind will begin to clear too.

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Drug Abuse [472]

Medical Devices That Are Used To Help With Addiction

It is without a doubt that addiction is one of the most damaging aspects of our society. It can not only devastate the life of the individual going through the addiction but also their family as well. With recent media coverage of Charlie Sheen and his battle with addiction to even those who have overcome it like Robert Downey, Jr., addiction is now front and center as a very serious matter facing our nation. There does exists ways of helping those with this problem and it mainly comes in the form of counseling and therapy. Mostly involved in this therapy is also the use of special medical devices that are made to monitor the health of patients going through the program.

Ears Hearing [651]

What Are The Symptoms Of Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a phenomenon that has not clear explanations about the causes of it. While most of us experience tinnitus during some part of our lives, it is the most common among elderly population, especially in men. Even though tinnitus symptoms do not cause major problems for most of the people who experience it, at its worst it can dramatically affect for the quality of life. There are a lot of tinnitus symptoms to watch for. The most obvious tinnitus symptom is going to be hearing ringing in the ears. If you start hearing sounds when no external sounds are present, including things like ringing, roaring, buzzing, clicking, whistling, and sounds of that nature, there is a good chance you are suffering from tinnitus.

Eating Disorders: ED Is Always Looking for the Loophole As You Re-Feed Your Anorexic Daughter

What does your daughter need from you in order to get well from anorexia? She needs you to learn the strategies ED will use to get you and her off track when you sit down to the table. One tactic ED uses is he is always looking for a loophole. Wikipedia defines a loophole as "a weakness or exception that allows a system to be circumvented or otherwise avoided." One example of a loophole could be a breach in a security system. A thief spends time observing a house and learning a person's routine in order to find an area of weakness that he can exploit. The eating disorder is similar in that he also is very observant. ED sees where the weaknesses are as you work toward restoring your child's weight.

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Ergonomics [95]

Posture Myths

Your mom's advice to sit up straight and stand tall was well-intentioned. Unfortunately, few people have been taught how to maintain good posture. Instead, we've followed bad posture myths that cause muscle strain and make it even harder to achieve good alignment. See how easy it is to correct bad posture by learning which myths to ignore and what to do instead. Myth #1 - Good posture is about looking good People with good posture look better, more confident and believable that those with average posture. Standing upright also makes you taller, usually a half an inch taller, but alignment is more important than that. Poor posture compromises your ability to breathe, which dampens mental clarity and physical strength.

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Exercise [2864]

Spring Into Your Routine

When we turn the calendars to March, there is always an excited feeling. Why is it so exciting to start the month of March? Well, for starters, February is over. Now we are one step closer to the season we all look forward to from the time summer ended last year: Spring. Spring is a season of change, new beginnings and fresh starts. No matter how your year started, spring can always bring you some rejuvenation. One of the most exciting things about the season is getting outside again. By the time March comes, it feels like we have been inside for a year! In Minnesota, we still have a little time to go, but at least we know the end is in sight. So what do you do with the end of winter?

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Eyes Vision [864]

Can Home Vision Therapy Improve Learning Disabilities?

The effectiveness of home vision therapy for the treatment of learning disabilities is often debated by professionals, but as someone who has worked with learning disabilities for over 20 years, I am absolutely convinced of the power that home therapy offers to help the frustrated and disillusioned parents of a struggling child! What Is Home Vision Therapy? Home Vision Therapy is the term given to a series of vision training exercises that are able to be adequately performed at home by parents. With careful and complete instruction, many vision exercises can be performed by parents at home, with the big advantage that they can be done every day rather than making a special trip into the behavioral optometrist, orthoptist, occupational therapist or the like.

Body Solid Smith Machine - Features And Affordability Guide

If you have been looking at the Body Solid Smith Machine then you have probably noticed the price tag that goes with it. Some people who have never used this type of machine may be a little bit leery of paying that much money for it without knowing whether it is worth it or not. There are a few things that you will want to take the time to think about if you are interested in buying this machine. Something that you will want to think about is the options that come with it. Amongst the other workout options, you will find a pull up station that will help you to get a total body workout. Whether you want to sculpt your arms, abs, chest, legs, or other parts of your body, this machine will help you do it all.

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Hair Loss [1185]

Hair Growth Remedies - How Do They Work?

According to statistics, nearly 35 million men and 21 million women, in America alone face, hair loss and balding problems. This has lead to the growth of the cosmetic market, which advertises miraculous treatments. Most hair growth remedies proclaim results which are mostly unachievable by the products. Since most people are so emotionally attached to their hair, they are generally willing to try any method to get their tresses back, once balding or hair fall sets in. One look through the Internet for hair growth remedies and it's evident that there are more scams than actual products that help. One of the most popular treatments for hair loss is laser hair growth, sometimes also referred to as photo-bio-stimulation.

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Healing Arts [179]

Tinnitus and Chiropractic Help

If you suffer from tinnitus, you might be very miserable and might not know what solution to get to achieve relief from the pain that this condition causes. Usually, people with this condition go to doctors hoping they will find a solution for the ringing in their ears but they end up getting treatment for the symptoms and those too temporary solutions. You should not lose hope as there is a way to get permanent and effective solution for the problem of tinnitus. Chiropractic treatment can work to its best capacity to get rid of this problem for tinnitus patients. Chiropractic treatment for tinnitus or any other form of treatment takes time to treat the ringing in the ears.

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Heart Disease [771]

Reduce Cholesterol After Checking Out These Facts First

Do you have a friend, someone in the family or perhaps yourself who has ever suffered from high cholesterol and consequently heart disease? If you have then you will undoubtedly agree that the problem is ignored at your peril. Encouragingly, you and many others are clearly taking more of an active interest in ways to reduce cholesterol levels and you'll be able to spend many years to come thanking yourself for your proactive attitude. To reduce cholesterol is not a difficult achievement. It doesn't require any expensive regime change or even a major overhaul of your lifestyle. You must simply exercise a little abstinence with regard to your diet, therefore you'll possibly require a small dose of moral fiber and a generous helping of self-motivation.

Lupus Disease Symptoms and What You Can Do About Them

Lupus disease symptoms will be treated according to their severity, and these are usually tailored according to your needs. For mild cases, you will usually be given corticosteroids for your rashes, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for the muscle and joint pain as well as the unexplained fever that you have. Antimalarial medications too will be administered to you to address the inflammation of the lungs, for the joint pain, and fatigue. For more severe cases, stronger medications will be prescribed for you, including corticosteroids in higher doses and immunosuppressants which work to stop the immune system from producing antibodies that attack your own body.

Massage [467]

How Much Could You Enjoy Attending a Massage Course?

If you are thinking of doing a massage course something you may wonder about is how much fun you will have. While you may need to, or just want to do the course, if you are not going to have fun and enjoy it, what is the point? There are many things that can make a course both fun and enjoyable. Massage course tutors are important The tutors you have for your massage course can really make or break your experience. If you have a tutor that can engage with the people in the course and make the material interesting then you are bound to have a good time. The key to enjoying a massage course is to have a tutor who can help you learn new skills but at the same time make the learning process enjoyable.

Medicine [45]

Diuretics Side Effects

Diuretics side effects can have a great impact on your health. Diuretics have the effect of removing the fluids from the body. These types of medications are also called water pills. The way the fluids are removed from the body is through urination. Diuretics are used for several purposes. One of the uses is to treat a condition called edema. This disease results in an accumulation of fluids in the human body. Another use of these drugs and perhaps the main one is to lower blood pressure. This is done by removing the salts and fluids from the body lowering the blood volume. These types of drugs are very inexpensive. You could say they are one of the most economical ways to prevent a stroke.

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Meditation [47]

The Practice of Meditation in Tibetan Buddhism

The study of Buddhism leads us from darkness and suffering into happiness and light. Meditation is an important aspect of Buddhism. Using meditation during the study of Buddhism allows us to control our thoughts and focus the mind in order to progress on this path. All that we are is the result of what we have thought: it is founded on our thoughts, it is made up of our thoughts. If a man speaks or acts with a pure thought, happiness follows him, like a shadow that never leaves him. This is a quote from Buddha. The final destination in the study of Buddhism is Nirvana. The path to Nirvana is one step at a time. With each step, the Buddhist practitioner comes one step closer to enlightenment.

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Mental Health [1159]

The Most Benefical Dose of ADHD Stimulants for Cognitive Functioning Is a Low Dose

For Inattentive ADD the best dose of ADHDmedication is a low dose. The adage that is used to treat ADHD-PI is, "Start low and go slow". It turns out that the Inattentive ADD medication recommendations of low dose stimulants may be the best treatment for ADHD Combined type as well! A very interesting study was just completed and published in the March-April edition of the Journal of Learning Disabilities and the findings point to this conclusion. The researchers of this study gathered kids that had been diagnosed as Inattentive ADD, Combined type ADHD or Hyperactive/Impulsive ADHD. They then rated each participant's executive function and working memory function and impulsive behavior and then labeled the study participants as significantly impaired if they had 'cool' (low) executive function and working memory function and 'hot' (high) impulsive behavior scores.

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Nutrition [2936]

Drinking Bottled Water - The Truth

Water is essential for survival and when it comes to drinking water, you will find it in abundance, but drinking impure water can lead to contamination of diseases and even the spread of certain types of viruses. However on average, Americans are known to be spending around $400 or more on this type of water in a bottle. Is it that safe? The truth is that there are various reasons behind it being considered as harmful. Bottled water it is presented as a product that assures us our health and makes us see that it is a sign of quality of life, a certain standard of living and friendly environment. The bottled water industry is growing very rapidly throughout the world, being more buoyant business today, but also one of the least regulated, giving rise to truly outrageous situations.

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Obesity [415]

Obesity: Avoid the Fatal Mistake

Obesity: Avoiding the Fatal Mistake in Weight Loss Sometimes in our quest to lose weight, we become overly zealous and decide we are going to lose in a couple of weeks what we have gained in a couple of years or more. This is a set-up for failure as surely as if we didn't even embark on a weight loss program. This is also why almost all fad diets fail. They are too aggressive and promise too much too soon. Weight gain is a gradual process. Weight loss is too. If you have 80 or a hundred pounds to lose, or more, you are only going to lose it a pound at a time... period.. So take advantage of small victories. Set your goal to lose 5 pounds at a time. Cut out the foods you know are bad for you and reduce your portions by at least a third, preferably by half.

Pain Management [545]

Copper Bracelets - Do They Work? The Best Reason for Using Copper Therapy

You'll see a lot of people wearing copper bangles. Why? For some, it's simply fashion - they like them. But many people wear copper bracelets because they've heard that they help a lot with arthritis and rheumatic pain. I've met people who swear that they help and others - most - who haven't found any benefit at all. So who's right? The 'sceptical' majority or the 'gullible' few? The answer's not what you'd expect, because they're both right! Let me explain... Why Copper Bracelets Don't Work I'm setting aside all the arguments that copper bracelets have some magical influence on your body, either from a connection with ancient deities, or their 'aura', or any other metaphysical reason - because it's essentially not provable either way.

Rotator Cuff Surgery Recovery Time - When Can I Have My Life Back?

Rotator cuff surgery recovery time is one of those subjects that everyone wants to ask about but no one wants to hear. It's only natural that you want to return to a normal life as soon as possible. The simple fact is that recovery from this type of procedure is slow, a minimum of six months. You have to be patient; this is not a quick fix. Obviously, everyone is different and will have had slightly different procedures. Despite that, no matter what was done, it takes the body the same time to heal. Yes, some heal quicker than others, but there really isn't a significant difference. The simplest and most effective way to reduce your recovery time is through rotator cuff surgery rehab.

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Popular Diets [567]

Is Combo Pilling for Weight Loss a Good Idea? Combining Drugs Might Be Legal But Is It Safe?

While watching the news this morning, I was alerted to the practice of "combo-pilling, " taking supposedly unrelated medications together to produce more powerful results toward a desired outcome. Combo-pilling diet drugs went mainstream in the 1980s, with the pairing of phentermine and fenfluramine (later known as "fen-phen"). This pairing, as well as a commercial related version, was heralded as the first effective weight loss drug treatment. Later, when it was discovered that the commercial drug was associated with potentially fatal pulmonary hypertension and heart-valve problems, it was withdrawn from the market and the manufacturer was sued to the tune of more than ten billion dollars.

Quit Smoking [597]

Pack-A-Day or Holiday?

Anyone who smokes a packet of cigarettes a day can tell you that it's a very expensive habit. The average packet of cigarettes costs about A$15, so a pack-a-day habit will set you back around A$105 per week. Over a year, that costs out to A$5460, the price of two round-the-world air tickets, a week of four-star luxury in Vanuatu, or the fishing trip of a lifetime. But it's the hidden costs of smoking that are the real concern, the long-term health implications for smokers, their partners and families, including bronchitis, emphysema, heart disease and cancer. The very real cost of treating smoking-related health problems is reflected in the hefty taxes imposed on cigarettes by governments around the world.

Skin Care [3253]

Simple Tips For Smooth, Beautiful Skin

A lot of people value their skin and can even spend a lot of money taking care of it. Indeed, the skin plays a huge part in what this society perceives as beauty. There are people who do not have perfect physical characteristics, but because their skin is flawless, they can look very stunning. On the other hand, some people may have the best facial features, but because they have dry, unappealing skin, they tend to go unnoticed. This is because, whether we like it or not, our skin will have a way of making us look more or less beautiful. Lucky are those who have naturally beautiful skin, but for those of us who have to put in a little effort to achieve the look we want, we may have to take heed of some tips to help us reach our goals.

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Sleep Snoring [1309]

Snoring: How To Stop It?

Nothing could be nastier than the noise of someone snoring in the middle of a fairytale dream. Or it could be the other way around, you are the one who snores and your classmates and friends discovered it during a camp and they started taunting you because of it. How embarrassing right? Snoring is not only a disturbing habit; it can also be a sign of a severe health problem. People sometimes consider snoring as a simple side effect of snoozing. These two things are completely different. Snoozing is going into deep slumber while snoring is a sleeping disorder. This happens when air can't move freely in the nose or mouth during sleep. The sound of snore comes from the vibration of the tongue, throat, uvula and palate.

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Stuttering and Phone Calls - 5 Strategies That Will Help You Speak Freely On The Phone

Speaking on the phone is a nightmare for a person who stutters. It is a situation which one AVOIDS at all cost. I hated it, because I wasn't able to do such an easy job when EVERYBODY else was doing it like a piece of cake without even thinking about it. But, does it have to be that way? Can you learn to speak freely with ease and confidence on the phone? In this article, I am going to share 5 killer strategies with you which will help you to speak freely on the phone. As a stutterer myself, I used to avoid phone at all cost. I chose emailing or text messaging instead of calling a place. I never was the one who answered our home-phone. I avoided speaking on the phone in the presence of others, never made a phone call in front of my friends or workmates.

Supplements [2311]

Adolescent Nutritional Needs

Adolescent nutritional needs are much different and more important than any given time in life with the exception of women that is pregnant or those that are breast feeding. It is this time frame that growth spurts occur and this is also the time when the vast majority of junk foods are introduced. For these reasons, adolescents between the ages of ten years old to their late teens have some special needs. This period of growth is often associated with teenagers, which implies that the real growth occurs in the early teen years, which technically begins at age 13. However, the reality is that it begins much earlier. Girls will begin their initial growth spurts between the ages of 10 to 11 years old, and boys will begin this spurt generally 2 years or so later, between the ages of 12 and 13.

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Weight Loss [4180]

How to Lose Fat - Top Five Foods That Increase Metabolism

Losing fat doesn't need to be difficult or stressful. By implementing the following five foods into your diet, you will not only increase your metabolism but you will lose fat which is stored in your body. The metabolic process changes your caloric intake into energy. You need this energy in order for your body to function properly. Your metabolism is always on the move - whether you are sleeping or exercising. Metabolism plays an important role in creating new cells and tissue. If your metabolism is sluggish, it doesn't burn fat as easily which leads to weight gain and you will not be able to lose fat. By adding exercise to your daily schedule, you increase your metabolism even more!

Yoga [60]

The Power Benefits of Yoga

Yoga uses various techniques to facilitate in reduce stress, including breathing, stretching, meditation, and fitness programs all combined together. Yoga is the way to go if you stick with it. It requires a commitment and endeavor that will pay off in the end. Yoga is known for being a peachy physical exercise and lots of fun too! However, it is also known as being a nifty stress substitute. Yoga has been around for nearly 5000 years. If you trust that the world has been around that long. It is an eastern variety of self- help oneself medicine that is mainly used for developing your inner self.. Typical yoga consists of different postures, learning how to breath correctly, and meditation.

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Kids and Teens [167]

How Can You Tell If Your Child Is Being Picked On?

Does your child come home from school upset and crying, yet she can't tell you why? Does your child refuse to go to school quite often, and want to stay home? If so, you're not alone. Many kids are picked on and bullied at school. When this happens, they don't want to go to school because they feel abused and trampled on. There is nothing worse than that for your child. These kinds of abuse could have a negative impact on your child for years to come, and sometimes for a lifetime. There are things that we, as parents, can do to help our child if (s)he is picked on at school. Here are a few tips to determine whether your kid is being picked on. 1. Does your child talk about her friends?

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