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Meridians and Acupuncture - Are Meridians Responsible For Energy Flowing Through Our Body?

Meridians are actually an imaginary energy channels running through our body. When they are out of balance or blocked we get sick or feel tired. When a Chinese Acupuncturist insert needles into our acupuncture points in the body it stimulates the meridians and helps energy flowing freely through our body. OK. This has no physical or scientific proof except for the fact that it helps millions of people in the world, including me, to heal, naturally, endless times. I Get Stabbed by Henry Every Time I Go to See Him And I Pay For It When ever I go to see Henry Su in his acupuncture clinic 'Good Health Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Clinic' here in Wellington, I let him insert acupuncture needles into my body.

Ulcers - Myths, Causes and Remedies

A lot of people believe that spicy foods and stress will cause an ulcer. They also believe that milk and probiotics will cure them. Unfortunately, these are myths. Many ulcers are caused by a bacteria, H. pylori. Here are a few more myths and facts about ulcers: 1) Spicy Foods : Contrary to the myth, spicy foods could actually be a preventative. The theory is that capsaicin may stimulate the stomach, causing it to release chemicals to protect it. Now, if you *have* an ulcer, spicy foods could irritate it. 2) Milk: While it may not cure an ulcer, it may make it feel better. However, more than two thirds of us are lactose intolerant, which means milk might not be a good choice.

Herbs Native to North America

It's easy to take common foods and herbs for granted. The row of multicolored chili peppers are a good example. Europe didn't know about many foods. Tomatoes, potatoes and chilis were unknown. In fact, tomatoes were considered poisonous when first introduced. I could imagine viewing peppers in that light... Black Cohosh : This herb was and is used to treat many female complaints. It's most often used now for menopause but traditional use suggests it during childbirth. I don't agree with that use, as it could be unsafe for the child. There are enough hormones involved without adding more to the mix. Blue Cohosh : I have a short list of herbs that I believe to be completely unsafe, yet still widely available.

2 of the Best Ways Stop Underarm Sweat Naturally - This is How to Beat the Sweat Yourself

Millions of people want to know how to stop underarm sweat as this is a very embarrassing condition to deal with. The most important thing to know in order to stop this problem is to find the cause ot the excessive sweating. The most common cause for the excess sweat that most people suffer from is a condition known as hyperhidrosis. Some health issues such as menopause, arthritis, and anxiety disorders are common causes of excess sweat also. Antiperspirants are usually the first line of defense to try and control the problem. However, most people are more interested in stopping the excessive perspiration they're dealing with for good. Two of the best treatment you can use to stop underarm sweat include apple vinegar and baking soda.

Stop Your Acid Reflux Cough Quickly With These 2 Simple Things

An estimated 30% of the people who experience chronic cough have been diagnosed with acid reflux cough. Acid reflux cough can be a result of a large quantity of liquid being forced into the esophagus. Some of the fluid can spill over into the lungs causing a constant cough. This cough can also be due to some medications that treat the heart. Moreover, health conditions such as diabetes and asthma can cause your cough associated with reflux. Unfortunately, acid reflux cough cannot be eliminated with mere cough syrup, and acid is a better treatment to help you put an end this type of cough. However, if you're taking antacids you should be careful not to take them for too long.

Advantages of Herbal Supplements

In the present day, you will find that almost everyone is switching back to the natural and herbal way of living that used to be used by people in the earlier centuries and beyond. You will find that the current market will be filled with millions of products that will be said to be fully natural. At the same time, you will find that there has been a rise in herbal supplements. One might be wondering what might be the reason behind all this rush to get everything natural or herbal. It is very simple. The fact is that there has been an alarm over the mortality rate as well as the health levels internationally. As a result, people are switching back to herbal and natural ways of living because of the fact that they will want to avoid diseases.

Chinese Herbal Remedies - Acupuncture

In dealing with Chinese herbal remedies it is often considered wise to use other non herbal methods to cure ailments. These are examples of the use of acupuncture. This is a traditional healing method, where the skin of the patient is pricked with sharp sterilized needles. This is a delicate art, in that the specialist inserts the needs in various places of the body. It has been proven that there are different energy points in the body and the pins are meant to reduce stress levels in those areas and this produces a very positive healing effect on the body. Acupuncture can however be used together with other Chinese herbal remedies to achieve the expected results.

Gut Check - How Many Hours Without a Bowel Movement Equals Constipation?

Sorry I have to ask, but do you know? A lot of people have no idea. The short answer is 24 hours. If you regularly experience 24 hours or more between bowel movements, then you have chronic constipation. If that is true, then you are not alone. Here are some shocking facts, the "straight poop" if you will, that might shock you: Studies indicate that 60% of the U.S. population suffers from chronic constipation the average U.S. adult carries around 15-30 pounds of fecal material in their large intestine (wow, that's a lot of weight! ) Symptoms of Constipation The straight poop on constipation is certainly shocking, and it also explains the "beer gut" or pot belly that many people carry around their mid-sections.

Being Mad As a Hatter is No Joke When it Comes to Mercury Poisoning

Do you know where the phrase "mad as a hatter" came from? It is not just a phrase, it has an actual meaning. Back in Britain, between 1600 and 1800, makers of felt hats used quicksilver, which is mercury nitrate, to make hats. It was a carefully guarded trade secret. The only problem, of course, is that people who wore these hats became, well, mad as hatters. They developed poor memories, inappropriate behaviors, and even tremors that became know as "the hatter's shakes." Wow! Talk about being mad as a hatter! Can you say heavy metal poisoning? So much for the "trade secret." Before We Knew About Mercury Poisoning and Its Effects Unfortunately, many people were negatively affected by mercury poisoning before scientists discovered that this heavy metal caused many health issues.

You Can Become a Reiki Master Online

With all the current debate on healthcare and healthcare costs, an increasing number of people are reexamining the ancient healing methods. Indeed, there is an increasing demand to master Reiki, and huge interest in learning how to become a Reiki master. And more and more are choosing to do so online. These have become acceptable to most established masters, and indeed the best online courses are led by hugely experienced experts who also have large traditional practices. Why is this? Well, more and more people are talking about and writing about the many benefits of Reiki. After all, it is based on the principles of ancient Chinese healing, and some of the oldest people in the world are Chinese.

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