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Love Star Signs - Virgo In-Depth

Virgo (the Virgin) Aug 23rd to Sept 23rd Mythology : Persephone who was the goddess of the spring season was kidnapped by Hades the god of the underworld. Persephone's mother Dementer, who was goddess of the harvest, ruined the harvest in her grief. Persephone was permitted to return to assist her mother in the harvest but only for 6 months of each year. This is said to be why Virgo's constellation is only visible from March to August. Positive traits: Virgo is an earth sign which makes them practical and controlled. Their modality is mutable which gives them flexibility. Virgo are very meticulous and diligent. They are intelligent people who are concerned with the logical approach to matters.

Love Star Signs - Leo Explained

Leo (the Lion) July 23rd to August 22nd Mythology: Leo is represented by a lion. The particular lion was the Nemean Lion who's skin could not be pierced by any weapon and who was responsible for thousands of deaths in Nemea (which is today part of Corinthia). Herakles was sent to kill the lion and did so by strangling the beast. He took the skin for use as his armour and the head for his helmet. Zeus placed the lion in the heavens as tribute to Herakles. Positive traits: Leo is a fire sign which makes them intense and excitable, they are of Fixed modality which gives them focus and determination. Leo's also have great generosity and they are warm hearted and full of enthusiasm.

How Astrology Is Used Today

Astrology is the science of observing the Earth's position relative to major celestial bodies. Individuals who believe in the usefulness of astrology utilize this science to predict future events and to help explain a variety of circumstances people experience on a regular basis. If you are interested in what fate has in store for you, or you are interested in the various reasons why you are currently going through difficult times, you can utilize astrology to better understand your current situation. This science can be used in a variety of ways and it can be adapted to accommodate the unique needs of all types of people. This science is commonly used to generate short summaries for people to read that are known as horoscopes.

How To Learn About Astrology

Astrology is a study about the position of the stars and the planets as related to someone's birth and how this can have an impact upon their life. The practice has been around for many thousands of years and certainly divides opinion. Some people believe in it wholeheartedly, while others are completely unconvinced. It is possible to learn about the practice free of charge as long as you are resourceful. One great way of learning about it would be to go and get some books from the local library. You should have absolutely no trouble finding books related to the history of the practice in any library helping you to gather information on the basics. Once you have developed your knowledge of the basic astrological principles then you can begin to enhance your knowledge by going deeper into the different fields of study.

Out Tarot Journey Continues - Meeting the Moon

No matter whether you're reading the Tarot Cards for yourself or another, no matter whether you're reading or meditating on the meaning of the cards, no matter whether you believe them or not - we come to the Moon. Ha-ha and you thought your 'journey' was over, didn't you? In your journey of life you've dealt with many experiences, you've picked yourself up, dusted yourself down and started all over again, you've been buffed, puffed and polished - how tiring! Now, you've reached this threshold you're about to be RE-BORN! On every level of your being there's going to be a complete and thorough 'purging' of all that has ever been, are you ready? Mentally, emotionally, soulfully, spiritually and every other 'ally' you're about to 'DIE', along with the many whom have gone before you, it's now YOUR turn to face me - the MOON.

Important Facts About Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology became popular thousands of years ago, but has just now seen renewed interest. It is a predictive astrological system that, unlike western astrology, has an unbroken chain of textual sources. While western astrology focuses on what the future holds for humans, psychological profiling, and enhanced self-understanding, vedic astrology focuses on the pragmatic concerns of life. The two systems differentiate in many ways, but one of the most important is the zodiac itself. Although they both use 12 signs, very different reference points are used. For instance, Aries serves as the starting point in western astrology placed at zero degrees during the spring equinox.

Love Star Signs - Cancer Explained

Cancer (the Crab) June 22 to July 22 Mythology: The crab was an enormous creature which the goddess Hera sent to do battle with Herakles who was attempting to defeat the Lernaean Hydra. The crab was crushed to death and Hera set it in the heavens as part of the zodiac. Positive traits: Cancer is a water sign which makes them sensual and emotional and their modality of cardinal makes them creative and able to initiate change. They are also imaginative and loving, especially to family and friends. They are shrewd and sympathetic and liable to be cautious by nature. Negative traits: Cancerians can be disposed to moodiness and mood swings. At times they can seem unemotional and unwilling to compromise and they can have a tendency to be too clingy and possessive.

March Astrology With the Vernal Equinox Sets the Tone for the Astrological Year to Come

As you will see we are having a very astrologically active month ahead of us. It helps to know what is going on in more detail as it offers you better choices for your life. We are living in tumultuous times which is reflected everywhere in the world especially in hot spots like the Middle East. Last month I wrote that with 6 planets in Aquarius, the water bearer is setting out to nourish and water the seeds of change. "This can happen through sudden changes, interruptions of continuity and rebellion or riots as we are seeing in Egypt right now. I would not be surprised to see more instability and destruction happening in explosive expressions all over the world this month.

Karmic Astrology and Sagittarius

The Karmic Destiny of your sign is ruled by the ninth house of the solar chart, with powers of the higher mind, religion, philosophy, metaphysics, and travel. You are ruled by the planet Jupiter, which gives you a tendency to work well with the public. The symbol of your fire sign is the Archer, half man and half animal, shooting arrows into the sky. You may be earthbound physically, tied to a boring job and routine, but your thoughts are heaven bent. You are always searching for spiritual knowledge that will help you break earth's gravity. You love freedom and enjoy beauty and nature. Sagittarius is companionable and friendly, even highly romantic;

The Star of the Tarot - Offering Hope for the Future

The STAR If you've been following this series, meditating or just contemplating on the cards you'll have come to the conclusion it is a JOURNEY and a journey you can repeat over and over until it all comes to make sense. Let me ask you a question: How do you feel? Having experienced the TOWER and all it brings, how do you feel? Unaccompanied, alone, lonely, cut off or isolated; if so, you've learnt a valuable lesson; do you know what this lesson is? It's now time to be true to yourself and become the INDIVIDUAL you are yet, to be a true individual does not mean shutting yourself away and concentrating on your navel. No way - to be truly individualistic requires that you SHARE your SELF with OTHERS, then, and only then will you come to understand the meaning of the word INDIVIDUALITY.

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