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5 Highly Effective Chest Workouts

Exercise has become highly important in today's busy and scheduled world. It's become highly important because we have NO time left to take care of ourselves. By that I mean, our eating habits, sleeping habits. The world has become advanced and fast-tracked and needs to actually find the time to exercise. A good chest exercise will give you improved posture, fat burning and toning. Yet we often think of excuses for not exercising. Here are some fantastic home workouts for that fabulous body without any gym equipment or any extra cost. These exercises will help you build up gradually beginning with fewer repetitions and moving onto to the advanced bit of the exercise. However, if you are experienced enough you can directly move onto the advanced bit of the exercise.

Please Note: For the below mentioned exercises you must at all times keep your butt and stomach tight for every repetition.

Here we go:

Grasshopper Push-up:

Lay face down and use your arms to push yourself up-. As you lower your body maintain your lower leg in a straight position as you move it slowly to the outside of your right leg. Then repeat the same. Push yourself up and cross over and return to the regular position. And then switch legs to do the same.

Please remember in this exercise your torso must be aligned with an imaginary line on the floor. Gradually increase the number of repetitions each time you workout for better results.

Clap Push-up:

In this kind of a push-up there is only a variation of the traditional push-up. Each time you push yourself up clap your hands and then come back to the initial position. You may also touch the back of your head or chest instead of clapping.

Please note this is an excellent exercise as it works multiple chest muscles. Increase your repetitions gradually. This exercise helps improve muscle mass, building strength, and burning body fat.

Walking push-up:

Start the push-up with the top of the push-up. Move your left hand to the front of your body while bringing your left foot forward as you would while walking. As you walk forward do a full push-up. As you reach the top walk your right hand and foot and raise and lower your body into a push-up.

Please Note: This is a very challenging exercise and repetitions would do you a lot of good. Keep your butt and stomach tight at all times for each repetition of this exercise.

One arm Chest push-up:

Do the traditional push-up only this time with one arm behind your back. Start with pushing yourself up with your left arm behind you. Do a few repetitions keeping your torso straight. Remember the earlier tip keep your butt and stomach tight for better results.

Repeat this with your right arm as well. This workout requires a lot of strength so make sure you work it up gradually. First by working it on an elevated surface and then by reducing the height over time.

Sliding Chest Push-up:

This exercise must be done on a wooden floor or uncarpeted surface. Under each hand place a hand towel or piece of soft cloth. Begin at the top of your push up with both your hands on the hand towel. Your hands should be directly under your shoulder or slightly closer. As you move down start sliding your hands out slightly away from your shoulders. As you press up accordingly move your hands back to together in the first position.

These chest workouts will definitely get you the results you are looking for from your workouts. Don't start off with a big repetition it will only injure your muscles. Start with fewer repetitions and then move to a bigger number of repetitions.


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