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Dumbbell Workout Routines: Gain Muscle and Lose Fat From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

What do you want from your dumbbell workout routines?

1. Do you want to gain some muscle?
2. Do you want to lose some fat?
3. Or do you want to do a little or a lot of both?

Most people fall into one of the three categories. I've used dumbbell workout routines to do all of the above at some point in my training life. The great thing about dumbbell workouts is that they can do everything you want them to and more.

What more can they do?

First, you can workout at home instead of wasting your time driving to an overcrowded gym.

Second, no smelly, gross change rooms to clean up in after you're done working out. No more wiping up sweat off the machine from the gorilla using the machine you need was just on. No waiting for gym equipment. How great is that!


You bet I need to bold and underline that third one. Times are tough, saving money is a good thing. I remember when I first began working out at home. It was such a long time ago.: ) It was awesome giving up my $70 a month membership, and you know what, it still is.

Of course I have much more than just dumbbells now, but when I figured out that I could get in a fantastic workout with just dumbbells at home, I said, "Adios!" to my gym membership. Let me tell you, that was a good day.

Whether you want to gain muscle, lose fat or anything in between, dumbbell workout routines done from home can help you do it. Are you ready to get in the best shape of your life from the comfort of your own home? You bet you are!


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