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What Is The Fastest Way To Gain Weight? - The Simple Solution

Many people are searching for the fastest way to gain weight. For the people who want to be heavier than they presently are, their question might really be a question of desperation. There are many people for whom gaining weight has been an unobtainable life long quest.

For others, they may want the fastest way to gain weight because they have just gotten over an illness, and want to get to their prior weight quickly.

Maybe, they already are at a normal weight but want to bulk up with some extra muscle mass. Whatever their reason is, the simple answer is they must eat more calories than their body burns.

So for the fastest way to gain weight -- increase your calorie intake. Eat more food everyday. Instead of 3 meals a day, try eating 5 meals a day. Eat snacks between meals. Eat larger portions at every meal. More importantly, eat foods that are high in calories. But don't just add junk food to your diet. You don't want to add fat laden foods to your diet.

Yes fat molecules are high in calories, but you don't want all that fat circulating through your bloodstream. You want to gain weight in a healthy manner.

High quality carbohydrates will help you gain weight fast. Eat more pasta. Drink pure fruit juice, instead of soda. Have nuts, or dried fruits as snacks between meals. Have a guacamole dip, or have a heavy dose of peanut butter on whole wheat bread -- that's sure to send your weight upwards.

Another thing that may be causing you to be in the position of needing additional weight, is that the side effects of a medication you are taking, may cause you to lose your appetite. Or maybe your thyroid is causing the problem. Check with your doctor.

Don't lose hope on your quest for a heavier body. You can accomplish this goal.


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