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The Max-OT Routine - Not Just Another Fad

The Max-OT is a weightlifting routine that was developed by a supplement company called AST Sport Science. While many of the weightlifting workout routines promoted by performance supplement companies are among the least effective programs out there, AST's methods have proven themselves to be quite beneficial for quick and effective bodybuilding. The Max-OT routine is not just another fad in the fitness, strength training or bodybuilding world. It is an effective and realistic workout that can allow anyone interested in building muscle mass and increasing strength. The routine is better suited to the busy lives of people today, and maximizes results in shorter and less frequent workout sessions.

It has long been believed that those who have achieved the ultimate level of bodybuilding and strength training fitness are people who spend hours on end working out on a daily basis. While this can be true, it doesn't have to be. The body you want can be obtained through shorter and a fewer number of weekly workouts, provided you follow the right methods to achieve maximum results. The routine constructed by AST Sport Science promotes 30 to 40 minute long workouts only three to four times per week. These workouts focus your efforts in such a manner that you are able to building muscle mass and strength without spending your entire life at the gym. After all, you have plenty of other things to accomplish as well, and what good is bodybuilding if that body of yours never sees the light of day?

These routines work from two basic principles. The first is to increase your weight load every week, in order to stimulate muscle and strength gain quickly. The increase doesn't have to be huge, but you do have to make sure you add to your weight capacity on a weekly basis. The second principle of Max-OT emphasizes focusing your workouts on specific muscles in each of your three or four weekly sessions. Rather than performing a longer routine that works all your muscle groups during each session, you should instead work only a particular muscle group each day. For the highest results you should work only one or two muscles during a session, and increase the number of reps you perform.


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