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Reasons to Use Protein Shakes

Protein shakes are used for a plethora of different purposes. Fundamentally they provide a supplement to your diet and are made up typically using whey protein. They are heavily used within health and fitness and even weight loss circles. Below however are some of the more common uses for protein shakes.

Whilst many people relate the use of protein supplements to health and fitness there are many people that use these supplements for a range of different medical issues. Conditions that lead the body to shed a lot of muscle and become weak are often treated using protein shakes. Ultimately they add extra calories to the diet which in turn helps to boost natural immunity.

One of the most touted reasons for using these supplements is for weight loss. In this instance they are used to complement other weight loss strategies. The regular intake of protein leads the user to feeling fuller for longer subsequently cutting out the number of unnecessary snacks during the day. An added benefit is that the breakdown of proteins requires more energy from the body, increasing the metabolism.

As well as losing weight, people can also take protein supplements to help them gain weight. These are sometimes referred to as "hard gainers" and they use shakes as an easy and convenient way in which to increase their protein intake. Often they make their shakes with rich ingredients such as bananas and berries for a tasty treat during the day.

Seemingly however the largest population of people that utilise protein shakes is within the bodybuilding community. As protein is an important building block in muscles, they are often used after workouts in conjunction with rapidly absorbed carbs. This has the effect of replenishing lost glycogen in the muscles, aiding their recovery and encouraging the rebuilding of the muscles.

Essentially protein shakes are a fast and easy way in which to intake, digest and break down the protein. They can be used for bodybuilding, weight loss and even for medical reasons as an important dietary supplement. With sensible usage they provide myriad advantages for the body.


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