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A Proper Workout Schedule

I am not going to say that I am an expert at lifting weights. I will say though that I have worked out with a lot of people who really knew what they were doing and actually charges people a lot of money to get their knowledge. I also want to add that the key to building muscles is eating right and make sure you rest your muscles as much as you can.

I would recommend that you only work out 5 times a week. That way you can let your body rest which allows your muscles to grow. You want to start off with your chest. I heard that one of the best chest work outs are when you use dumbbells instead of a bar bell because you also have to use your stabilizer muscles. I would only do about five different routines. Make sure to work out different parts of the chest. It also wouldn't hurt if you throw some push ups in there every now and again.

The next day I would do your legs and also your abs. In between sets that is when I would crunch out some abs work outs. You are going to want to make sure that you do your legs though because no likes an unproportioned looking muscle head.

Next I would follow it by doing my arms. Make sure to work out the triceps as much as you work out your biceps. Believe it or not, your triceps take up 60% of your arm. So if you want big arms then make sure to work out those triceps.

On day 4 I would do my shoulders and on day 5 I would do my back. The reason why you do your back last is because after day three you arms are going to be spent. This way on day four that have a little bit of a rest before you have to do your back. Also keep in mind that after about 4 weeks you are going to want to switch up your schedule so that you can confuse your muscles which will result in them growing bigger faster.

Make sure you stretch before doing this and you are going to want to eat healthier. Don't forget to rest.


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