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What You Should Know About Calf Implants

If you are conscious of your thin, shapeless calves, it may be time for you to consider having calf augmentation surgery. Calf augmentation involves the placing of an implant in both of your calves to convey a more appealing shape.
But before heading to the best cosmetic surgeon in town, know first everything about calf implants. What is it? Is it for you? Will it harm your body? Is it worth the price? Read on to find the answers.

1. What is a calf implant?

Calf implant or calf augmentation is a surgical procedure that aims to increase the size and define the shape of your calves. Even with a great diet and exercise plan, it is generally hard for both men and women to have the perfect calves. It is quite embarrassing for a lot of figure conscious men and women to have their legs a subject for scrutiny especially if they have thin, asymmetrical, and badly formed calves. This is why many opt for methods to make their legs more attractive.When done correctly will surely help you achieve the calves that you desire.

2. Is it for you?

Calf implants is for you when you are dissatisfied with the form of your calf muscles. If you feel you are limited to wear clothes that will not expose your thin legs, then you are a candidate for calf implants. But calf implants is not entirely for aesthetic purposes. People with leg deformities because of polio, spina bifida, and club foot can avail of this procedure. It enable those who were inflicted with these diseases to have a normal, functioning life without looks of pity, or at worst, disgust from other people.

3. Will it harm your body?

In these modern times of innovative surgical procedures, virtually everything is possible. Many medical practitioners are doing the best they can to make sure that every aesthetic surgical procedures being offered in the public are safe. Such is true with calf implants. The procedure is being well thought of, from the surgical techniques down to the pieces of equipment that will be used.

Like any other surgical procedure, there are risks that may arise from this procedure but they are only minimal, and they don't always occur. Consulting experts from this type of reconstructive surgery is always the best way to have an in depth knowledge about what to expect from a calf implant procedure.

4. Is it worth the price?

A well defined, great looking leg is worth any price. But let's admit it, it is quite a pricey procedure. Surgical fee alone could cost you $7700 and that does not yet include other fees. You may also have to pay for other procedure-related expenses like pre- and post- op meds, anesthesia, and lab tests separately. Thankfully, there are professionals who have looked upon and had taken action towards this problem. Some hospitals and clinics offer installment plans or financing options. This type of payment schemes is light on the pocket for people who wish to have the procedure but finds it expensive.

Overall, calf implants insertion is a procedure that could help you improve your appearance. Though others may see such procedure unnecessary, many others do look at it as a lifesaver. Whichever side of the coin you are in; simply listen to your inner self to assess if this procedure is for you.


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