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Should I Take Creatine?

Deciding whether or not you should take creatine is a personal question that you must answer for yourself. There are several different issues at stake - ethics, cost, health, appropriateness - and before you decide to take any creatine supplement you must first decide if it really is for you.

Even before you begin to think about the ethics of taking creatine, if you are asking yourself, "Should I take creatine?" you are probably wondering if it is actually right for you. Creatine is not right for all people, and definitely not for all athletes, and knowing if it is an appropriate nutritional supplement for your goals and objectives is important.

The primary purpose creatine is to build muscle and to help you build it faster and bigger than you could ever do on your own. There are some sports where power and size is important, and others where it is not. If you are a football player, a baseball player, or a fighter, then you want to be big and you want to be powerful. If you are a swimmer or a runner, then that type of mass actually works against you.

The ethical arguments behind the use of creatine continue to this day even though it is a perfectly legal nutritional supplement. It has been used largely in professional and amateur sports for the better part of twenty years and there are many successful athletes who claim to use it. That being said, there are some athletic organizations that do not allow its use, so before you use it, make sure that you are not taking part in an athletic event for which it could be on the banned substance list.

Any athlete who wants to make it to the top will do anything legal and ethical in order to get there, and if you are asking, "Should I take creatine?" then you probably already realize the value of this powerful supplement. It won't work if you don't work, and it also won't work if you aren't getting the proper nutrition you need. It is truly a "supplement", meaning that it works only when you have done everything else you have done to succeed. In other words, creatine is no shortcut.

Amazingly enough, creatine is extremely affordable in comparison to other nutrition supplements. When you compare the price of a daily dose of creatine to almost any other nutritional supplement regularly taken by athletes, you will find that not only is it effective, but that it is actually a very cheap way to gain some size.

Because it is a naturally occurring chemical (produced in the liver and kidneys), many users fail to heed the warnings that come along with this substance and overuse it. If you take more than the recommended amount of creatine, not only will you be wasting your money, but you could be doing damage to your body. So, if "Should I take creatine?" is your question, the answer should be that you should, only if it is appropriate to your athletic goals and if you use it according to directions.


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