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The Top Three Compound Exercises for Muscle Building

Top three compound body building workouts are listed in this article along with their best how to do techniques.


This is the most important compound exercise of the lower limbs involving the thighs, knees, hips and buttocks. Man has been doing this exercise since ancient times. It starts with stand tall posture. Then move the hips back and lower the hips and knees down. It may be added by lifting a weight on the shoulders or in the hands. The squats are of many types including box squat, over head squat, sack squat, front squat, back squat etc. the lowering of the hips and bending of knees also vary in different squats. Usually the bending should be at least parallel to the hip muscles.


This is a weight lifting exercise and involves almost all body muscles including the core and appendicular muscles. You should stand still and then lean over the heavy object or loaded barbell in a stabilized position. Grasp the bar securely and prepare your mind for the task. Take one or two long breathes and then lift the weight upward while keeping your spine straight. Repeat 3- 4 times in 10 sets.

Pull ups:

It involves a lot of muscles like biceps, traps and deltoids. The trap muscles are those which are present on either side of your body below your neck. This exercise is done by holding a barbell in your hands fairly closer and pulling them toward your chin. This exercise work wonders for your upper body muscles and has been an essence of the body building program for centuries.


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