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The Hip Flexor - Move

The hip flexors are muscles that join upper thighs and your lower back. As the name implies, they flex the hip. The hip flexors are actually a group of muscles that work together to move your legs. They are hard to injure but they can definitely be tight from sitting at a desk all day.

Hip flexor exercises can help improve flexibility and give you better posture. Since the hip flexors affect the way that you hold your pelvis, tight or weak hip flexors can produce bad posture. The following exercises will help improve the strength and flexibility in this area of your body.

Overhead lunges: These lunges will help stretch the hip flexor. Start in a standing position, with your arms stretched above your head. Hold a medicine ball or a lightweight plate above your head. Step forward with your right leg and bend the knee. Lower your torso straight down without bending over until you can feel the stretch in your hip. Stand back up and bring your right leg back in line with your left leg. Repeat on the left side.

Overhead squats: Stand with your feet together. Pick up a bar or a light dumbbell set and hold it above your head. This will help keep your body straight while you do the exercise. Once you've picked up the bar and are standing straight, lower your body weight down until you're in a seated position, like you would with a regular squat. Hold the squat at the bottom of the movement for a count of five and then come back up to a standing position.

Lying stretch: Lie face down. Place your hands at your shoulders with your palms flat. Push your body weight up, like you would if you were doing a push up, however, keep your hips on the floor. Raise your upper body toward the sky until you feel a stretch at the front of your things. Hold the stretch for 20 to 30 seconds and repeat.


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