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If You Are Skinny And Want To Put On Muscle, Follow Someone Who Has Been Where You Are

Bird-chested. Beanpole. Anorexic. Skeletor. Most naturally skinny people have heard these insults all their lives. People who are overweight suffer from discrimination and name-calling, but what everybody doesn't realize is that naturally thin people get called names too, and get made fun of, and aren't thought of as just as attractive as people with more muscular builds. Ask anyone who has been underweight their entire life and they'll tell you it's no picnic.

While most people who suffer from this problem have tried multiple things before - shakes, special bulking-up diets, exercise programs - it's very rare that these things result in the type of weight gain and muscle growth that we want. It's incredibly frustrating when you force feed yourself week after week and lift weights, only to drop in weight.

Here's what most people who have incredibly high metabolisms just don't understand. If you really want to put the problems of being underweight behind you, and want to build the body you can be proud of (and others will either want or be envious of), then you need to follow in the footsteps of someone who was in exactly the same position as you, but who learned how to succeed and build a muscular body despite starting off as unusually thin. It makes perfect sense, but it's something most people don't even consider.

You're not going to learn how to address your specific problem from some jock who probably had great delts and biceps at 13 years old. Be smart and follow someone who had to face the same obstacles as you, but who got the body they wanted, and one you'd like to imitate. It really can be that simple.


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