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What Does Creatine Do in Your Body?

If you regularly workout at the gym to build muscle mass and increase strength, you no doubt pay a lot of attention to what you put into your body. You likely pay attention to how much water you drink each day, make sure you eat a balanced diet, and you may even take a supplement or be considering the option of taking a supplement to make your workouts more effective. Creatine is among the most popular and most effective supplements available today. However, you likely want to know more about this supplement. So what does creatine do in your body?

In order to understand exactly what does creatine do in your body, you need to know that this supplement is actually naturally found in small amounts in the foods you eat such as meats and fish. When you eat these foods, this substance is stored in small amounts in your body, largely in your muscles. Your muscles use this substance to produce another substance called ATP. ATP is what helps your muscles get the energy for those short but intensive bursts that you need during a workout

If you ingest creatine naturally in your food, why do you need to take more in the form of a supplement? The foods that you eat offer you only small amounts of supplement. When you workout regularly, your natural stores of this substance are used up quickly and you do need to replenish your stores.

You likely want to know what does creatine do in your body that helps you build muscle mass and increase strength. You understand now that it offers your body what it needs to give you short, intensive bursts of energy. When you take a supplement after you workout, and especially if your supplement is taken within about thirty minutes of completing your workout and in combination with protein and carb sources, your body will use these resources to replenish the creatine that was used during your workout. The result is that your body will actually build up muscle mass and increase strength at a far faster rate than it otherwise would. Some people do take this supplement before a workout, and there is some benefit to taking the supplement at this time. However, research has proven that you will enjoy optimal results from your workout if the supplement is taken shortly after a workout, with the exception being if your body's stores of creatine are drastically depleted and need to be replenished prior to the workout.

It only makes sense that you would want to know what does creatine do inside your body that aids in muscle building and strength building. You spend a lot of time working out on a regular basis, and you want do what you can to maximize the benefits of your workouts. Yet you also want to make sure the supplement you are thinking of taking or are taking is the most effective and safest option possible. Now that you know more about creatine, you understand how it works inside your body to give you safe, effective results.


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