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Take Creatine: How To Use It For Peak Performance

There are a wide range of supplements that bodybuilders and performance athletes use to build up muscle mass and increase strength. Some have no or very little scientific research that proves that are safe or effective, while others have some considerable scientific research behind them that offer proven results. Creatine stands as one of the most researched and proven supplements, and if you are serious about seeing results in your muscle building efforts, you should look into how this supplement to help you. So how do you take creatine to get maximum results for peak performance?

You typically will take creatine in a mixture that you will combine with water. The recommended dosage that you should take will vary weight. There are also different formats of this supplement that you can take, such as a gel capsule and a tablet. These are ideal if you hate the feeling of drinking supplement mixtures as so many people do. The mixture is largely going to be a more affordable option and most have no taste so they can be taken with water or another drink without problem. Typically, you will take 15-25 grams of the mixture each day for your first five days, depending on your body weight.. After the first five days, the dosage drops to 3-5 grams per day for the next six to eight weeks. A similar dosage method is employed with the capsules and tablets, featuring five days of a higher dose followed by an extended period at a lower daily dosage.

Research has shown that you may experience additional benefits if, after the final six to eight week stage of the lower dosage, you take a break and stop taking the supplement at all. Then, after approximately a three week break where you take no supplements, you may see some benefit by starting to take creatine again with the 5 day increased dosage followed by six to eight weeks at lower levels.

You will want to be sure that you take creatine in the right dosage. There are some unpleasant and sometimes even serious side effects that can occur from following the recommended dosage. These side effects can be exaggerated significantly when the dosage is exceeded beyond the recommended levels. So what are the side effects that you may experience? While this supplement is known for allowing you to increase muscle mass and strength at a faster rate than you otherwise would experience, you can experience unpleasant bloating, stomach pain, nausea, cramping, and diarrhea. At extreme doses, it can cause kidney, liver, and heart damage.

While you should be careful to follow the recommended dosage when you take creatine, it has some amazing benefits that you simply will not want to miss out on. If you want to look bigger, feel stronger, and enjoy the benefit of faster increase in muscle muscle, there is no better way. This is a scientifically proven supplement that can give you the results you want in a much faster time than you would experience if you worked out without the supplement.


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