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Six Pack Abs - 3 Secrets You Have to Know About

It is the belief that building a six pack is done by doing a lot of abdominal workout and keeping a healthy diet with the minimum of carbohydrates and fat and perhaps squeeze in some treadmill training in between where we walk because we have to stay in the "zone".

Well this time forget about crunches, be and leaving out carbohydrate and walking according to some magic weight loss formula.

Do this 3 secrets and you will be on your way to the perfect six pack abs.

1. Do something else than crunches.
Very often people have a tendency to do as many crunches and sit ups as possible when they want to get six pack abs.

You are wasting your time with this approach because you are not burning any body fat.
What you should do is to train your whole body in incorporate some front squats and lunges in your work out.

Both of these exercises are not only for your legs but a great for your abs as well. They are actually better than crunches and you get a good fat burn at the same time.

In regards to lunges keep a barbell on your shoulders and not a pair of dumbbells in your hands that it the far best way.

2. You still need Carbohydrates in your diet.
Very often when people starts dieting for a sixpack they leave out anything that has to do with carbohydrates because they think carbohydrates are evil and will get stored as fat.

They are partly right and wrong. Simple carbohydrates as sugar, white bread, white rice have a low nutritional value and therefore gets stored as fat easily.

You need to focus on fiber rich carbohydrates that contains, at least 2-3 g of fiber per 10 grams and comes from vegetables, fruit and unrefined grains.

The fibers are great for slowing down the glycemic response and will help you get leaner.

3. Walking on a treadmill is not going to burn fat.
You have seen it many times in gyms around, people walking on treadmills with their heads up on the big TV screen focusing more on what is on, than actually doing real cardiovascular training.

Cardio is about getting your heart rate up and burn so you can increase the pump and blood flow, having a good flow helps you lose weight and keep you healthy, your heart is a muscle that needs to be worked out as well.

it does not need to be done on a tread mill or a bicycle, example you can try to do a circuit between many works out stations with no break In between that for sure will get your heart rate up.

Cardiovascular workout does not need to be time consuming or boring, keep it fun and original.


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