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How To Eliminate Man Boobs Forever

Let's be honest, women tend to be turned off when a man has bigger breasts than they do. We are going to address the problem now so you can eliminate man boobs forever. Women love a well defined chest so let's get right to the point.

Shedding The Fat Off Your Chest

Burning the fat off your chest is as simple as getting rid of any other type of fat on your body. You don't have to be left clueless when it comes to losing fat. You need to cut back on all the junk food and replace that with good high intensity training. This isn't rocket science. You can melt off your man boobs in 3-4 short, but intense workouts per week.

No Fancy Equipment Required

You don't need to have a gym membership or have to buy expensive equipment to get the job done. For some men this may be a plus because you won't have to reveal the man boobs out in public. You can stay at home and workout if you like. There is no need to be spending your hard earned money on supplements or shakes to achieve the desired results. You also don't need to be training 6 or 7 days a week. That is nonsense!

Strength Training And Intervals Will Do The Trick

A program that has a laser focus on building muscle with a combination of high intensity interval training will pave the way for your success. Yes, this program will focus on building muscle in the chest but it is a great fat burning workout as well. I am going to show you two different workouts that you can mix and match with to best suit your needs. Not everyone has access to gym equipment so I want people to have the flexibility of using what they have. So here are two routines to address the problem Let's get right to the moves so we don't waste any more time getting you back in shape.

Bodyweight Chest Exercise

1) Decline Pushups

2) Military Pushups

3) Wide Fly Pushups

4) Diamond Pushups

5) Dive Bomber Pushup

6)Side to Side Pushups

*Exercises 1-4 I want your feet elevated to blast the upper chest. The reason for this is that it will develop the inner and upper chest to give you that angular look. The line that goes all the way up to the collar bone is what you are looking for.

Limited Equipment Chest Exercise

1) Decline Pushups

2) Over Hand Slightly Wide Pull-Ups *

3) Under Hand Grip Pull-Up*

4) Ring Pushups- see note

5) Dumbbell Squeeze Press

6) Dumbbell Fly

You can aim for about 10 reps each for 2-3 sets. This may be a lot at first so just try and do what you can and work your way up.

*This is typically considered a back exercise but it surprisingly works the chest more than what you think. Make a conscious effort to focus on contracting your chest while performing the pull-up and you will know what I mean. You should feel the contraction the most at the top of the movement.

Note: The ring push up is where you have the straps attached to a barbell and you use your own bodyweight for resistance while fighting to maintain stability in your arms and core.

Finish Off With High Intensity Interval Training

Now that you have blasted your chest you will want to finish with 15 minutes of intense cardio. This can be done on a treadmill, pool, exercise bike, etc. You will want to aim for an intense 30 second sprint followed with a 60-90 second light effort. This is known as High Intensity Interval Training(HIIT). Trainers are finally understanding how effective this way of burning fat really is rather than long and boring cardio.

No More Hiding Under Sweats

The fastest, safest, and only way to get rid of man boobs is with strength training and interval training. Gaining muscle and losing fat really can be done in a few short weeks. If you work hard on these moves with a combination of easing back on the junk food with intermittent fasting, you can convert those man boobs into a well defined chest that you can be proud of. So when summer comes around, no need to feel self conscious anymore about going swimming or hanging out at the lake. A permanent lifestyle change, thanks to the short workouts per week will help you eliminate man boobs forever.


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