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Bulging Biceps: Want Them? Here's How to Get Great Biceps

Do you need bulging biceps for your beach vacation in the spring? Find your nearest gym and lose the couch. Weights are part of your near future, but so is an adjustment to your diet. Combine these two and your body will look as you want. These 3 tips for bulging biceps will get you the results you desire.

Your body will only perform what your diet will allow. Muscle comes from chemistry and exercise. Diet is the chemistry part. Muscle is made of protein, so your diet must reflect this. You do not need massive amounts or supplements. Six ounces will be fine. But you must cut down on the fatty foods, such a chips, beer, or that loaded baked potato. Get a regular baked potato and that is one step closer.

Be careful when you consume the protein. You want the protein in process in your system when your muscles call out for the additional chemicals, such as during a work out. Eat the six ounces two to three hours before the time you hit the gym. You can eat normally before or after the workout. Just keep the other calories to a minimum and your body will get what it needs.

Time to find the gym. Two to three workouts per week will be sufficient. For these exercises, do six to eight reps in three sets each time you work out. There is no need to do more than that. In fact, any more would actually work against proper muscle development.

One exercise to follow is the alternate dumbbell curl. Get one dumbbell in each hand, then curl the first one. Then curl the other one. Repeat this step six to eight times. That is one set. Do two more sets, with rest breaks between each set. Be careful not to move or twist your back. This could lead to injury and won't help your biceps get bigger.

Follow that with a barbell curl. This is a lift with one bar and two hands. Lift the weight slowly to your chin. Make sure your back is straight and not moving at all. If you cheat on this, your muscles will not thank you.

Incline bench curl will also help. Use dumbbells for this lift. Lay your arm onto a flat surface that slopes downward slightly. Raise the weight until it reaches your near your face. Repeat six to eight times, using each arm. This kind of surface may well only be found in a gym.

After 20 or 30 hours have passed, you should feel the stiffness or soreness in your biceps. If not, increase the weight on your next workout. Allow your muscles to rest between each work out. After about five workouts, you will need to increase the weight slightly. Continue increases when the workout is not taxing your muscles. These 3 tips for bulging biceps will get your body ready for beach season.


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