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Six Pack Abs: 5 Practical Tips for Gaining Washboard Abs

If you are the type of person that has been dreaming about gorgeous ribbed stomach, then you need to know that it is about more than doing endless crunches. Diet, exercise, and the right frame of mind is how people get in shape. They take the best 6 pack tips and incorporate them into their lifestyle to achieve the gorgeous stomach they take pride in.

Tip #1 - Diet is extremely important. Lots of lean meats, plenty of fresh vegetables and carbs are what you should eat to help your body stay healthy and burn fat. And, you should eat small meals every few hours, rather than large heavy meals two or three times a day. Satisfy your sweet tooth in moderation; just make sure you are drinking lots of water.

Tip #2 - There is a layer of fat over the abdominals and for some people that layer of fat is hiding the muscles. You have to burn the fat that is hiding the abs, because no amount of crunches will burn that fat away, only cardio will. You should do at least 30 minutes of cardio three times a week to get rid of the body fat.

Tip #3 - Work your abs only two or three times a week. It is a misconception that the more you work them, the faster you'll see them. All muscles, including your abs, need to rest and recuperate after a workout and a day's rest between workouts allow them to do that. It is also important when working your abs to do them at the start of your workout, before you are too tired so you keep your form easier.

Tip #4 - Do exercises that cause resistance when working on your abs. Resistance, just like in weight training, gives your muscles a better workout. Two of the best resistant exercises are the incline bench sit-ups and leg-raises with a Captain's Chair. You can also make exercises harder by doing your moves in slow motion.

Tip #5 - Work the entire waist area. It is extremely important that you don't just do one type of crunch in hopes of getting a six-pack stomach. You must focus on the lower and upper abs, as well as the obliques and even the lower back. All play a part in giving your stomach that beautiful defined ribbed look.

Not only does working on your abdominals give you a gorgeous midsection, it also helps your entire body. A strong midsection helps your back and makes everyday chores much easier. That is why people that are serious about looking great use the best 6 pack tips today to get it, and keep it.


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