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Power Lifting Explained: What Power Lifting Is All About

This is something you need to know about. That is why we will have power lifting explained. This is not something that many of us are used to. With this being the case, one need to know what power lifting is. That is why we are here. We are here to help you to understand all that you need to know about this as we do feel it is something that some might be interest in. Keep reading for power lifting explained to get your better understanding about this.

Now, while many think that power lifting is just lifting with a lot of power, this is made up of three components. It is actually three different types of weight lifting. These are: bench pressing, then squats, and dead lifting. All of these are just like the weightlifting of the Olympics because each has three tries to lift the weight sometimes, there is four tries.

Power lifting is something that many people love. Many around the globe play this, but there are three areas which this is really well known. United States, United Kingdom, and Russia are avid about this sport.

Some people wonder when this became the popular sport that it is. This all began in 1984. While it is not a part of the Olympics, it is on its way there as it is a part of the Paralympics which is for those who are disabled.

As with any sport, there are some classifications. When lifting weights is concerned, they break it down according to weight and gender. The reason they make it that women and men are separate is due to the fact that women cannot usually lift as much as men.

When one goes to register to be a part of this, they will be given rules. It is imperative to actually read the rules. Do not just assume they are all the same as depending on the class and where you are participating, the rules could be different.

Here are some things that one should know about this sport. It is so wide swept that many think that if there were not so many common and closely related sports in the Olympics, and then this sport would be in it. Until then it is widely known and the Paralympics offers this as a sport which many win. You might want to play now that you know what it is.


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