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Simple Ways For Muscle Building Without Weights

Building muscles is all about resistance and intensity. Most people think you need weights to achieve this, but unless you want to look like one of those men in a muscle magazine, you really do not for a nicely toned physique. The right exercises can help muscle building without weights or other pieces of equipment.

Push-ups are the simplest ways to build up the chest, shoulders, and arm muscles. They are very versatile so you can switch up once you've worked up the resistance to one type of push-up. To add more intensity to your push-ups, try doing them one handed or use blocks to raise the front of the body a bit higher so you have further to come up on the upward motion.

Pull-ups are another simple and versatile exercise. These will build up the back and arm muscles nicely when done properly. You can hang a doorway bar at home or at work for a mini-workout anytime of the day. Rings are another option, making the workout harder as you need to be able to stabilize the rings while pulling up. For a more intense workout, do them one-handed while using a bar.

Squats will really work the leg muscles and tone them up nicely if done correctly. When you put your hands behind your head, you are helping to keep your back straight, which is a necessity with these. You can intensify this workout by doing them one-legged while standing on a box and squatting with one leg at a time.

Dips provide a good workout for your shoulders, chest, arms, and back muscles. You can do this with a sturdy chair or piece of furniture. With your back facing the furniture, place your palms on the chair for leverage, extend your legs out in front of you with heels on the floor, then using your arms, slowly lower and raise yourself. This exercise should remind you of a backwards push-up.

Calf-raises build up the muscles in your calves and can be done in two ways. First, you can do them by standing straight and raising your body up until you are on the ball and toes of your foot. Another way is to have something to stand on that is a few inches high, place the balls of your feet on that and then lower your heel to the floor.

Muscle building without weights is nothing new, but it is something that remains popular today. You don't need fancy equipment or expensive weights to build up your muscles. Things around your home like a chair and a bar can give you the lean muscular body you want.


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