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How to Bulk Up Fast: Steps That Are Often Overlooked

In order to bulk up fast, you must consider three elements. The chemistry underlying muscle is the elements that go into building the muscle, namely, the diet. Most people overlook this chemical base and they are frustrated when they try and fail. The second element that goes into muscle growth is exercise. There are specific exercises done specific ways so you can bulk up. The third element is rest. Your body must recover from the work you put it through so it can move to the next step.

When thinking about the chemistry of muscle, the diet is the place to start. Your body will need lots of calories to turn movement (exercise) into muscle. But not just any kind of calories. Lean calories that add protein, not fat. Adding fat calories merely adds to the fat your body already has. A 200 pound weighlifter needs around 3,500 calories a day.

You must also eat increased amounts of protein. Your body needs 1.5 grams of protein per pound to increase muscle mass. A 250 pound athlete would need just over 10 ounces of protein, or 250 grams per day. You must also eat the main amount of protein approximately two to three hours prior to your weight lifting.

The exercises are also key. You must complete exercises that build bulk, not tone. For this, complete higher weight and lower number of repetitions(also known as reps). Do three sets, with four to six reps each. The final two reps should be very difficult for you to complete. On your first workout, do not overdo the weights, as you can easily risk injury. But once you have found a weight that is difficult, you must keep increasing the weight every four or five workouts. When the lift is easy to finish, that is your body telling you it is time to increase.

Here are some exercises to complete to bulk up fast. Bench press, military lift, dumbbell curl, two hand curl, reverse tricep curl, leg extensions, leg curls, toe raisers, shoulder shrugs and lat pull downs.

Depending on your schedule and the amount of time you can devote to this goal, you may need to group these exercises according to today, namely, the first five on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and the remaining ones on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Another important element is rest. Take a day off between working the same muscles. If you bench press on Monday, rest on Tuesday and come back to it on Wednesday. Here is an easy path if you want to know how to bulk up fast.


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