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How Do I Get Six Pack Abs? - The Truth About Six Pack Abs

Having been an Fitness Instructor for the last 5 years, I have helped many people achieve their goals.

It might be to lose a few pounds or tone up, or maybe they play a sport and they want to get to their peak level of performance.

Not everyone can afford to have their own Personnel Trainer though, So I would like to give you some advice to help you achieve you goal of getting Six Pack Abs.

A lot of guys ask me "How do I get six pack abs?" and to be honest its not has hard as you might think.

Your diet is the most important thing, eating takeaways and drinking beer will not help.

The 3 Most Important Things To Do

Eat a healthy balanced diet.

Do cardiovascular workouts, e.g. running, swimming cycling.

Do sit-ups every other day, 3 x 10 reps of varying exercises, e.g. crunches, reverse crunch, leg raises etc

Of course there is a lot more to it than these 3 to do's, and you can go into lots of detail about diet and exercises. There are lots of resources out there like:

'Six pack abs in six weeks' or 'the quickest way to get a six pack'!

I have looked at a few over the years mainly out of curiosity as to what other people are teaching and advising. Most of the books and programs are very similar and some are full of complete rubbish. But if you are serious about getting six pack abs, there is one book that I highly recommend. Please visit my blog for more info.


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