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Follow These 3 Tips For Bulging Biceps

Do you have a beach vacation already planned for spring and need some nice looking arms? Leave the couch and find the gym. If you want bulging biceps, hit the weights. Change your diet to match your desires and those biceps will do what you need very soon. Follow these 3 tips for bulging biceps and your body will show it in the spring.

Before you hit the gym, you must address the chemical side of muscles. The foods you put in your system determine the chemistry. Muscle is made of protein, so you need lots of it in your body. Not massive amounts, so don't head to the supplement store. But get rid of the fatty foods, high in carbohydrates and calories and low in nutrition.

The second thing to think about is when you eat the protein. You want the protein processing in your system when your biceps call upon that protein to make them bulging. Eat six ounces of protein about two to three hours prior to your workout. This way, the protein is screamed for by the biceps like a dry throat screams for water. You want the protein going to the muscles, not stored as fat or eliminated.

The final step is the gym. You need a mere two to three times there with the weights to get your desired results. Complete each of the following exercises. Do three sets of six to eight repetitions each.

Start with an alternate dumbbell curl. Get one dumbbell in each hand. Curl one, then do the other. Do not curl both at the same time. You must maintain proper form the entire time. Swinging your arms or leaning your back may lead to injury.

Next do a two arm, barbell curl. Use one bar and two hands. Lift the weight slowly and carefully to the chin, make sure to keep the back straight and still. When lifting weights, cheaters may look good in the gym, but the true growth comes when performing the lift correctly.

Finish with an incline bench curl. Lay one arm on a surface sloped downward. Raise one dumbbell up toward your face. Keep your tricep flat against the bench. This kind of machine will probably only be found in a gym. You might find a bench that works at home. But be careful that the bench is properly balanced.

If you do not feel sore muscles about 20 to 30 hours after this workout, increase the weight. When you feel sore, you know it is working. Give your muscles at least one day to rest before heading back to the gym. Your muscles need to rest, so they can prepare for the next workout. You will need to increase the weight slightly every four to five workouts. Observing these 3 tips for bulging biceps will give your beach body the kick you desire.


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