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How To Bulk Up Your Arm Size With These Proven Muscle Building Workouts For Biceps And Triceps

When you start on muscle building workouts, it is natural for you to expect your arms to become bigger when you are lifting weights. In fact, most people who lift weights are on a quest to increase the size of their arms. Only some of these people manage to do so, while others do not achieve as much in spite of increasing amount of exercise targeted at building up the arm muscles.

The reasons for this are simple - most people on muscle building workouts tend to concentrate on their arm muscles more than the other muscles of their body. There is a limit on the extent to which the arm muscles can grow in the absence of similar development in the other large muscles of the body such as the leg and back muscles. In addition, these people tend to focus more on exercising their biceps unknowing of the fact that the triceps account for almost three-quarters of your arm. If you are serious about increasing the size of your arms, you should be exercising your triceps more than your biceps.

There is also the inherent bias that people have when it comes to muscle building workouts, they tend to do more and work harder in those exercises that focus on the arms rather than working equally on all body parts. They tend to forget that when you do your chest and back routines in lifting, you need your biceps and triceps.

There are plenty of muscle building workouts that when coupled with the right training program, can give you the arms that you always wanted. One such routine is given here, and each set of exercises is to be done back to back with no break between sets:

To exercise biceps - perform one rep chin up followed by a biceps curl using dumbbells or barbells

To exercise triceps - perform one rep dip followed by triceps extension using a single dumbbell in both hands

The important thing here in the chin up and dip is to do them slowly - you can start off with 30 seconds to raise yourself, and another 30 to lower yourself; you need to keep extending the duration until you can go up to 60 seconds. Then it is time to add weight and repeat the process.

Be careful not to overtrain your arms. 2-week long sessions interspersed with rest periods, with not more than three such routines per week will see your arms grow bigger in a very short time.


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