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Are You Skinny And Want To Pack On The Weight? You May Need A Little Something Extra To Gain Pounds

Anyone who is naturally skinny will tell you that you get called names, and have to put up with jerky comments, just like people who are overweight. "Are you anorexic?" "Watch out for the wind, you'll blow away." "Don't turn sideways or I won't be able to see you." And the comments and laughs are even worse when you're at the beach and you're too uncomfortable to take off your shirt.

For those guys who want to gain pounds, they might have to do a little bit more than just work out at the gym and eat a bunch of extra calories. For one, their bodies and metabolisms are already so high that they could eat ice cream every meal and still lose a pound at the end of the week.

So if you need help putting on muscle, you could try supplements. I'm talking about the shakes and powders normally used by bodybuilders and weightlifters to make massive muscle gains. Now, some people aren't comfortable with supplements, partially because of the backlash from sports figures using them over the last two decades. And some people just aren't familiar with them, and are therefore uncomfortable.

That's not a problem, because there are also weight gain bars. These are individually packaged bars that are packed with nutrients but also the protein, carbohydrates, and good fats that will help you put on the type of weight you want.

They are convenient, for one. You can literally carry them around in your pocket, and there's no mixing or cleanup (unlike with shakes and powders). Also, most do not have the same type of substances that some people are concerned about (like androstenedione and GBL). I'm not saying you should or shouldn't be concerned about these supplements. All I'm saying is that if you want to do without them and still gain muscle, weight gain bars offer tons of nutrition, calories, protein and carbs, and you don't have to take things into your body that you don't want to.


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