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Workouts for Stomach That You Simply Cannot Ignore

Most people on a weight losing spree find that even when they manage to lose inches on their arms, legs, back and thighs, their flabby tummy does not budge. So, to call the stomach a problematic area would be an understatement. As a matter of fact, many dieters say that no amounting of dieting helps to reduce the inches from the obstinate stomach and midriff area. Actually, people do not find success when trying to trim a flabby tummy because they do not use targeted exercise routines that work on all the muscles in the midriff area. If you would like to go from flab to flat, here are some workouts for stomach that you simply cannot ignore.

Exercise 1: The weighted Russian twist

This is among the most effective workouts for stomach; the routine is fun albeit advanced, so start by mastering the simple Russian twist before you incorporate this version of the exercise in your regimen.

To start this exercise, sit on the floor with your knees bent and your feet on the floor, forming an inverted ‘v' with your legs. Now, recline your torso backwards to form an obtuse angle till you feel tension in the stomach muscles, with a weighted plate in your hands.

Now, twist the body in such a way that the weighted plate touches the floor to the side of your body. Hold the position for a few seconds before twisting the body in the opposite direction. Ensure that your movements are very controlled; you will need to do at least 8 to 10 sets on each side of the body.

Exercise 2: Combo of raises and crunches

While it is normal to make raises and crunches a part of workouts for stomach, a combination of the two routines is far more effective. Once again, it would do you well to know that is also one of the more advanced workouts for stomach where you are targeting both the stomach as well as the lower back muscles.

To get into the position, lie on your back and raise your legs to form a right angle with your body; your hands should be behind your head. Raise the torso to perform a slight crunch; exhale and lower your legs to the floor without actually touching it. Return to the start position and do 8 to 15 sets. Make sure that when you lower your legs, your spine does not arch too much. Also, if you find this routine taxing, start with simple leg raises before progressing to the combo routine.

Exercise 3: Twisting crunch with a side plank

Begin the routine by getting into the side plank position. For this, one foot should be stacked on the other if you want to make the routine more challenging or place one foot on the floor behind the other for enhanced stability that you may need as a beginner. Your top hand should be placed behind your head while the lower hand balances the body. This exercise engages multiple muscles including those in the hips, shoulders and stomach. While in the side plank position, twist the upper body in such a way that it reaches towards the floor, hold for a second before returning to the start position. Ensure that your body is held in a straight line throughout the routine and perform 8 to 15 sets of this exercise.

On a final note, remember that you need a lot of patience when you are working on your tummy. Unlike arm exercises that provide quick and visible results, workouts for stomach take some time to start cutting the inches but once the process starts it will not take you more than a few weeks to get a flat tummy just like your favorite movie star.


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