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Best and Effective Exercises for Lower Abs

Almost all of us want to have that flat, well-trimmed, hot abs. But that abs would be one of the most difficult parts in our body to trim or to lose weight. The abs is a set of muscles composed of the lower, upper and oblique muscles. These set of muscles work together in order to facilitate flexibility and movement of the body between the lower part of the body under the hips and upper part of the body.

The lower abs is the most difficult to trim and strengthen amongst the abdominal muscles. Doing the exercises regularly and knowing the best lower abs exercises are the key to getting rid of that belly and getting those hot abs. Given below are some of the exercises that you can include in your daily routine for your lower abs exercises:

  • Double Leg Circles - Lie in your back and put your hands under your butt. Lift both legs a few inches from the floor while contracting your lower abs. Rotate both legs in a circle doing the clockwise rotation. Then lower your legs on the floor and relax for a few seconds. Then repeat the exercise doing the opposite direction. You can increase the number of rotation as you get stronger.
  • Scissors - Lie in your back with your hands under your butt. Tighten your leg muscles, contract your abdominal muscles and lift both of your legs up until they are two feet off the floor. So that both legs are crossed, get your right leg across your left legs without bending your knees. Then open your legs and close them again, reversing the positions. Keeping your lower abs contracted, Keep repeating this scissor action 8-10 times for beginners. Increase the repetition for 15-20 times as you get stronger.
  • Double Leg Lifts - Lied down with your back and put your hands under your butt but your palms facing towards the floor. Contract your abdominal muscles and tighten your leg muscles, then lift them straight up vertically and hold them for several seconds. Lower them until they are a few inches off the floor and hold it there for a few seconds again. For beginners you can repeat this 5-8 times, later increase it to 15-20 times when you feel that your abs are getting stronger. Then as you get even stronger, you may lift your head and shoulder while doing double leg lifts.
  • Alternating Leg Walks - You must lie in your back and out your hands under your butt. Take a few deep breaths. Contract your abdominal muscles and lift your right leg slowly up until its 90 degrees from your body. Then in equal phase, lower your right leg until it is a few inches above the floor while simultaneously raising your left leg. Keep doing this repetition for 8-10 times for starters and increase it 15-20 times when your abdominal muscle gets stronger. And for stronger ones, you may lift your head and shoulder while doing this exercise.

This exercise must be done slowly. Momentum kicks in if you do them too fast and the exercise becomes ineffective. All these lower abs exercises require you to put your hand under your butt. This is very important should be done in order to avoid lower back pains.


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