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Workout Without Weights: Effective, Less Expensive, Time Saving Exercises

People nowadays are giving importance to their physical and overall body health. Regular exercise and proper diet are one of the common things that help improve and maintain a healthy body. This is why more people are going to the gym and spend money on gym memberships, fitness trainer fees and use of gym equipments just to obtain a healthy and good looking body. But workouts do not have to be very expensive.

There are various exercises designed and developed to provide and ensure maximum effectiveness but are less expensive compared to other fitness and exercise programs. One common example is the workouts without weights. These are exercises and workouts that do not require equipments and can be done by anyone, anywhere and anytime. It is also very convenient especially for those who are very busy since workout without weights are easy and time-saving. It can be done anywhere like at home or in the office and eliminates the inconvenience of driving or traveling from the home or office to the gyms.

Workout without weights requires only few minutes to finish and can be improved weekly depending on the level of exercises a person wants or needs. This type of workout is very effective in reducing and maintaining proper weight, improving body strength and in helping build body endurance. Workout without weights is also ideal for beginners who are only starting to do their fitness exercises.

There are various workouts without weights a person can do depending on their fitness goal and capacity. Here are the common and popular exercises and workouts you can do without the weight lifting:

  • High knee drill - done by jogging or walking in an explosive manner where knees are raised and bended upwards to obtain a square angle.
  • Large arm circles - while standing straight, raise arms out to your side and swing both arms in a large, circular motion, in forward then backward manner, repeatedly for 15 to 30 seconds.
  • Jumping jacks - this is one of the common workouts without weights which are done by jumping while spreading the legs to shoulder width and raising the arms over the head.
  • Ear tuck - a simple workout done by standing straight and spreading the legs to shoulder width then tilting the head left to right like touching the shoulder with the ears.
  • Stationary bodyweight lunge - this type of workout is done by standing with feet shoulder width apart and stepping one leg backwards, then bending it to obtain a sitting position and thigh is parallel to the floor while the arms remain on the side and the head and shoulder straight and faced forward.
  • Mountain Climbers - done by starting in a push-up position with hands on the floor and do a crawling movement, alternating both legs.
  • Box drills with rings - with legs slightly apart, hop and jump in a square direction repeatedly.

There are other workouts without weights like the pushup with rotations, forward lunge with fit band, wall sit, modified pull-ups, modified pushups, side planks, back wall stretch, and quad poses stretch.


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