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Effective Weight Lifting Programs for Men

One of the common and popular types of fitness training programs that are proven to be effective in improving the muscles in the body and provide a toned and well-trimmed overall body structure is the weight lifting programs. There are various weight lifting programs that are developed and designed by fitness professionals and trainers to provide men with the well-planned workouts and exercises to ensure maximum effectiveness and good results.

If you want to try weight lifting programs, you can go to gyms for specific programs suitable for the body type you have and your age. You can also consult a fitness professional or trainer to help you develop a specific weight lifting program you can do at home without the necessity of buying bulky and expensive exercises equipments. Simple equipments like barbells and dumbbells, mat and resistance equipments are effective enough to do workouts properly and effectively. Aside from having a more convenient time schedule, it that can be done at home will also save you a lot of money from expensive equipment, gym membership fees, trainer fees and travel expenses.

Weight lifting programs are known to provide a lot of benefits for the individuals doing this type of workouts. This type of workout includes extensive and rigorous training workouts that increase the metabolism of the body and burns a lot of fat therefore improving the cardiovascular system of the body. Through this type of training program, heart problems and diseases can be prevented like heart attack, stroke and high blood pressure. Workouts and exercises included not only tones and strengthens body muscles but it also help develop proper body posture and balance therefore preventing bone-related problems like osteoporosis.

There are programs designed to improve a specific part of the body but they can also be integrated together to form an effective and unique training program to develop the entire body.

Everyone have different body structures and needs so to ensure safety and avoid injuries, the best way to do before choosing a program is to consult a professional to help you develop and design a specific weight lifting program that is suitable and appropriate for your capacity and body needs.

Here is a sample weight lifting program I found online that anyone can do at home and uses only simple weight lifting equipment like the dumbbells and are scheduled on weekly intervals.

* Mondays - Dedicated to strengthening and improving muscles in the chest and toning abdomen area. Weight lifting workouts include incline dumbbell presses and incline dumbbell flys for the chest and crunches for the abdomen.

* Wednesdays - Focus on the strengthening and toning of the shoulders and back muscles. Pull-ups and one-arm dumbbell rows for the back muscles and lateral dumbbell raises for the shoulders.

* Fridays - Dedicate this day for improving and strengthening biceps and triceps. For the biceps, standing barbell curls and seated dumbbell curls. For the triceps, overhead triceps extensions.

* Sundays - Dedicated to properly develop and strengthen leg muscles such as squats, leg presses and dumbbell lunges.


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