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Boot Camp Exercises: Fun, Motivational and Effective Training Exercises

Boot camp exercises are one of the popular types of fitness and training workouts nowadays because of its effective, efficient and rigorous exercises. It can be done individually or by groups as well as with or without training equipments.

Boot camp exercises have gained popularity for the past years because of its effectiveness and benefits. This type of training exercises works for the entire body, which improves heart, and muscle conditions as well as very effective in weight reduction purposes. With the rigorous exercises, it can improve body strength, balance, flexibility and agility.

One of the common factors or features of boot camp exercises that encourage people to prefer this type of exercises are that it is very fun and enjoyable to do, and it provides motivation especially when you are doing boot camp exercise with groups. With boot camp exercises, you can save a lot of money because of the low cost requirement of the exercise that you can do with or without equipments, and you can perform this without trainers as long as you have memorized the proper way of doing the exercises or have a proper guide like exercise videos and other guiding materials.

Boot camp exercises are also very portable since you can do this type of exercise anywhere and you can also set your own schedule but the most ideal time to do it is during the morning and early evening.

Effective and enjoyable boot camp exercises should include safety measures to ensure safety and avoid injuries while doing the exercises. Before doing it, you should first perform proper warm up to maximize the training effectiveness as well as prevent body sores and injuries. It usually take only minutes to finish depending on the level and type of exercises you are doing.

One of the common exercises included are the push ups that are very effective for total body workout to build core strength and you can do this in variations such as incline push ups or tabletop push ups, stability ball push ups, decline push ups, bent knee push ups and diamond push ups. Another type of boot camp exercises is the plyometric exercises. This kind of exercise is rigorous and intensified types of exercises specially designed to improve athletic power like speed and strength. Other types are the squat that helps in improving strength, and develop body coordination and balance; and the lunges which helps develop lower body strength and ease joints.

There are various types of exercises included in boot camp exercises. You can do this with equipments like fitness and stability balls, dumbbells and mats. Most common types are:

* Squat-thrusts
* Plyo-jack
* Slow push ups
* Walking lunge
* Wall sit with chest squeeze
* Jumping jacks with front kick
* Ski jumps
* High jogs
* Triceps dips
* push ups or side planks
* Single leg plank raise
* High knee drill
* Lateral step up with hop
* Burpees
* Dumbbell deadlift row
* March in place


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