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Women who lift weights will develop too much muscle

Perhaps if you are a woman weight lifter who is a professional body builder and her main game is hypertrophy (the art of growing big muscles), and by following a strict eating for muscle mass nutritional plan, and competes regularly in body building competitions, has an elevated level of the hormone testosterone over the average Susie, and may possibly be using steroids or other performance enhancing drugs, - um, short answer is no - you won't develop too much muscle. It's not genetically possible.

Men and women whilst anatomically similar in biostructure have differing degrees of the amount of muscle fibers that they are born with. This means that men are genetically geared up to have more muscle mass then women and this goes right back to prehistoric times when we were hunter gatherers.

Having said this though, it is important that women do lift weights simply because it revs up your metabolic rate and burns more calories even while you are sleeping! This keeps you lean muscle is smaller, tighter and toned in appearance to fat, is known to ward off osteoporosis because it increases bone density through mineral laying deposits, protects your joints, improves performance as well as giving your self esteem and confidence a real kick not to mention a whole host of other goodies to boot.

So move on from the pink weights and get into the black!

You can lose weight on specific areas of your body by focusing on a specific muscle group.

As stated in the first myth about sit ups and flattening that tummy we discussed that its not possible to simply spot reduce fat deposits from certain areas of the body. For you to see any improvement you need to lower your body fat percentage down i.e..this means to lose weight from all over the body.

Spot reduction is a myth and time and time again, we are bombarded with advertisements, news articles, glossy magazines, and those dreaded infomercials on TV that we are duped into thinking that it is possible because we become so convinced that we just have this stubborn fat that we cant ged rid of. (incidentally the fact is these areas on the body that are considered to be made up of stubborn fat are usually the last place that you will lose from). How many hard earned dollars do think are absolutely wasted with this notion by consumers who are targeted by these fitness scams? Probably billions! Science has not yet produced anything that is a miracle cure to spot reduction, so people please - don't waste your money on gimmicks - they don't work!

The good news is that you can help yourself by combining cardio, resistance training, flexibility training coupled with certain exercises targeting those challenging areas which you then add to your normal exercise routine. specific exercises say for your thighs, hips and the backs of your arms for toning and strengthening and follow a low fat, sensible healthy nutritional eating plan and drink plenty of water. Being consistent and committed will pay off for you in the long run but there are no instant prizes - so get to work!

Muscle turns to fat when you stop exercising

Muscle can not turn into fat - they are two different tissues entirely - it's that simple. However, what does happen over a period of time is that your muscles become victims of what us fitness professionals call atrophy - meaning they will get smaller once you stop weight training or using them in exercise.

When you suffer from an injury, for example, breaking a leg, and you have it in plaster, the muscles are not used and therefore basically ''waste'' away. This simply means that through less use your muscles will become smaller and slow your metabolism down. Remember- the more muscle you have the more calories burned!

Once this occurs a person can quite easily put on weight because there is no muscle to support the activity of eating. Therefore excess food consumed is stored as fat if it is not burnt off. WE guess that's why it was always understood that once a person stopped lifting weights they automatically became fatter, and as we mentioned before, fat is much less compact and can appear spongy and soft - hence the backward thinking!


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