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Effective Workouts to Eliminate Love Handles

One of the common problems that women have with their bodies are the love handles or in anatomic terms, the "obliques." These are the flabby portion of fats and excess skin found on the side of the abdomen. In order to get rid of fats, there are love handle workouts that are effective in eliminating or reducing it.

Effective love handle workouts should include trainings and exercises that burns many calories and increase body metabolism since they are fats stored above the hips and needs to reduce or eliminated first before doing the toning and trimming exercises. Targeted toning of the abdomen area is not enough since a person should burn many fats to get rid of it. Therefore, an overall body fitness and weight reduction exercises are essential for effective love handle workouts.

At the present, there are various types of love handle workouts you can try. One of the common types of exercises designed to eliminate it are cardiovascular workouts like aerobics, swimming, running, jogging and other exercises that improves cardiovascular movement and weight loss exercises.

Aside from cardiovascular workouts, another type of love handle workouts is the targeted abdominal exercises. This type of love handle workout should go hand in hand with the cardiovascular workout to ensure a more effective training to lose it. When you start losing excess weights and fats, trimming and toning the muscles is the next stage.

There are also specific types of trainings and exercises that can be included in love handle workouts. You can maximize these types of exercises with or without equipments and are convenient to do since you can do this at home especially by mothers. Here are the common and popular types of love handle workouts everyone can do, anytime and anywhere:

* Side bends - can be done by standing on the floor while feet are shoulder width apart. Bend to the left side as far as you can get while making sure that the abdomen are being squeezed then go back to standing position and bend to the right side. Do this repeatedly about 10 to 15 times.

* Sit ups - are one of the most effective workouts to eliminate it and are done by lying on the floor with the knees bended. Put the arms on the back of your head then lift your head together with the upper body until the chin reaches the knees. You can do this repeatedly and increase the number every week depending on the capacity of your body.

* Torso twists - do this exercise by twisting the torso on both sides while standing with feet shoulder width apart and keeping the hips in place.

Aside from the exercises mentioned, other exercises and workouts that are effective to reduce and eliminate it are:

* Cycle oblique's
* Leg flutters
* Alternate crunches
* Barbell twists and waist turns
* Side plank
* Twisted crunches
* Russian leg twist
* Hindu quick squat
* Bicycle crunch exercises
* Vacuum pose exercises


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