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Best Superset Exercises To Gain Muscle Weight Fast

I'm a huge believer in supersets. Whether it's for complementary muscles or the same muscle group, supersets allow you to get more done in less time. It develops your strength and enhances the circulation of nutrients so you can recover faster.

Not all superset combos are winners. Here are my top picks for superhuman gains.

1. Squats And Barbell Rows

Your legs and back muscles are the largest in your body. Can you imagine the stimulation you'll get when you superset them together?

It's an insane rush of anabolic hormones.

Ideally, you should do 4 sets of 8-10 reps for each exercise, in superset fashion of course. I suggest starting out with squats as it is more demanding than barbell rows.

Some people have questioned me as to why I chose barbell rows over deadlifts or even bodyweight pull-ups for the back.

For one thing, the deadlift is about 60-70% similar to the squat movement. Doing both will more likely overtrain you.

Even worse than that, the deadlift works more like an 'overall' exercise which stimulates via static contraction. By doing barbell rows, you 'deadlift' the barbell off the floor and contract your back muscles with a full range of motion.

You get all the benefits with barbell rows.

2. Deadlifts And Bench Press

Don't get me wrong, I love deadlifts. But I believe there's a perfect partner for it and it isn't squats.

It's the bench press.

While deadlifts work out almost every muscle group in your body, it fails to stimulate your chest muscles. So it makes perfect sense to superset deadlifts with the king of chest movements.

Again, it's ideal to put in 4 sets of 6-8 reps with this superset. Both exercises are suited for low rep ranges and, in fact, work better with them.

You should always start with deadlifts. By stimulating your entire body, especially the back and shoulder muscles, you'll be primed for your set of bench presses without tiring yourself out.

The deadlift set turns out to be the perfect warm-up to heavy bench presses. I've experimented with various combinations and it is, by far, the ideal stimulant to a huge bench day.

3. Military Press And Upright Rows

This superset combo is actually one of my favorite light day workouts. It stimulates your shoulders, traps, upper chest, and upper back muscles along with some arm work.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of this superset is training your body to handle stress with 2 key movements - lifting a heavy weight from thigh-level to your shoulders (upright rows) and from shoulders all the way overhead (military press).

You get an Olympic-style training effect without the added technical difficulties of a full clean-and-jerk or snatch. And because you do both standing up, you still get to stimulate your leg muscles a whole lot.

So why not just do a clean-and-press movement? Because your aerobic capacity will give out way before your upper body muscles will.

Remember, when gaining muscles fast, your muscles should always be stimulated above everything else for maximum effect.


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