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Top 3 Foods That Pack On Muscles Fast

Nutrition is a huge factor in gaining muscles fast. No matter how great your program is, no matter how much you sleep, if your diet is full of junk, your effort is useless.

Here are the top natural foods you'd want to prioritize the next time you head to the grocery.

1. Eggs

I could've said beef, chicken, or even dairy for protein. Why eggs?

They're versatile. They're cheap. And they take less space than the others.

I can't think of any other food that comes close to the value that eggs give you in building muscles fast. The list of dishes you can create with eggs is endless. Whether you're a carnivore or vegan, eggs will always come in handy especially as a quick snack or light evening meal. I could really go on and on.

But what about the yolk which is stoked with cholesterol and should be avoided like the plague, according to those health articles?

Pure B.S.

If you work out intensely and eat according to your energy requirements, you can have as much as three eggs a day. Fiddling with the tiniest details of food only means you're not balancing training with nutrition well enough.

2. Salmon

Again, I could've mentioned beef or chicken, but why salmon? Simple. It's rich in protein AND omega fatty acids - those little helpers that are so good for your heart and muscles.

Salmon, in my opinion, is the tastiest fish out there. Whether eaten raw in a Japanese restaurant or cooked gourmet-style in a French café, it's always a delicious treat.

A lot of people neglect taking in a sufficient amount of 'good fats'. Normally, you'd have to snack on a wide variety of nuts, good ol' peanut butter sandwich, or supplement with fish oils. So why not take it as naturally as possible?

Aside from being rich in protein and good fats, one thing that stands out with any kind of fish is that it's easily digestible. This makes salmon a perfect post-workout meal.

Try eating salmon 3-4 times a week and feel the difference it makes on your muscles - and your belly.

3. Rice

You read that perfectly. The staple Asian food is not the enemy, as the entire fitness industry claims it to be. Its misuse (or abuse) certainly is.

For one thing, rice has a high glycemic index and this makes it a perfect pre- and post-workout carb choice for fast muscle-building. But there's a specific way of working out to maximize the benefits that rice brings.

You've got to power your way through your sets and reps, moving in a controlled, moderately-paced fashion. If you're the type who loves to grind it out with slow reps, you'd be better off eating oats or grains as your carb of choice. And that's another thing that I love about rice.

Unlike grains, rice is gluten-free. The benefits of rice far outweigh that of grains, making it my number two choice (next to vegetables and fruits) for carbohydrate.


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