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The Biggest Mistakes You Could Be Doing To Gain Muscles Fast

There's a lot more to gaining muscles than just heaving those barbells, eating like lions, and sleeping all day long. You've got to know specifically what to focus on, what to adjust, and what to plan for.

Avoid these biggest mistakes and watch your muscles grow faster like never before.

1. Not Focusing On Recovery

In trying to gain muscles, your focus should be on recovery. It's the last, most important step in the entire process of muscle-building. Think of it as a business.

What do you think is the most important - product creation, financial planning, or marketing and selling? In business, nothing ever happens until a sale is made.

Nothing also ever happens until muscles are repaired. I don't care if you've bench pressed your SUV or you've curled your refrigerator. It doesn't matter. What matters first and foremost is how you'll be able to recover afterwards.

So if you're trying to be macho doing 40+ sets for 5 times a week while cross-training in other sports, good luck. The lazy dude who just spends 15 minutes doing the big lifts 2-3 times a week will earn my respect a lot more.

You can train all you want. But can you recover from all of that?

2. Not Adjusting Your Diet

I think for most people, sleep is a given constant - 7-8 hours a day. Count yourself lucky if you can afford even this basic requirement.

When it comes to diet however, yours could look drastically different from the person next to you. That's because you need to adjust your food intake to the level of activity you've done, you're doing, and going to do in the next couple of hours. And that's a lot to take into consideration.

The ones who constantly adjust their diet experience the biggest gains in muscle mass with the lowest conversion to body fat compared to those who eat as constantly as they work out.

Don't get me wrong. You need to be consistent with your protein, carb, and fat intake. But it's their proportion you need to scale.

In general, mornings are best for high-carb intake while evenings are better for high-protein meals.

3. Not Planning Your Training

If you think your nutrition is the only the thing you need to vary, you're in for a surprise. Your workouts need to be re-cycled as well.

The good news is that it doesn't have to be as immediate and day-to-day as your diet. Changing your training routines usually happen every 6-12 weeks.

Most people still don't get the reason for this. For them, if a program works great, why change it at all?

That's very logical. However, your mind and body is smarter than that. Once you've adjusted well to the exercises, weights, and repetitions you impose on yourself, the program slowly becomes more and more ineffective.

Think about the first time you ever drank coffee. The 'buzz' from that instant brew will always be the most intense.

So to keep your body (and mind) challenged and growing, adjust your workouts - even if it means simply re-ordering your exercises.


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