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The Absolute Fastest Way To Gain And Build Muscle Weight

If there's a principle you need to respect in muscle-building, it's consistency.

No matter how fast you've gained muscle with your new program, if you can't maintain your growth for a length of time, all that speed will amount to nothing.

Here are some tips on how to keep growing, whatever program you're on.

1. Full Recovery

It starts and ends with recovery.

Let me say that again. Recovery is the first and last step in gaining muscles fast. You can't even begin to lift a single dumbbell for a single rep if you find yourself tired and weak from work or chores. Don't even think about attempting to 'build' when you've got nothing to build with.

Understand that weight training means breaking down your existing muscles in order for them to be rebuilt, stronger and bigger than before. Hopefully, it's just your muscles you're breaking down - not your joints, ligaments, or immune system.

And that's exactly what happens when you train without being fully recovered from the stresses of life.

If you can't even maintain proper form and technique on your first few sets of the day, how can your body rebuild your muscles to make you bigger?

Sleep for at least 8 hours a night.

2. Great Nutrition

Recovery is two-fold: sleep and nutrition. If sleep provides the optimum environment for muscles to be rebuilt, nutrients provide you with the building blocks for them.

You're probably protein-crazy. As is everyone in the fitness game. However, carbs play a very important role in muscle-building as well. Without enough carbs, you'll feel weaker and less energetic. Your workouts will soon suffer and eventually, you'll put the brakes on your muscle-building progress.

Ask any serious and qualified professional and he will (and should) tell you that to build muscles fast, you'll need a steady supply of carbs as much as protein.

Note that I mentioned 'steady', which means carbs should always be consistent and sufficient and never by chance.

Aside from carbs and protein, never neglect the good fats that you need. They serve not only to slow down the release of insulin, but to stimulate the production of testosterone.

3. Intense Training Sessions

After you've been fully rested and well fed, it's the perfect time to pound on those weights. Not only will you have the energy to properly stimulate your muscles, but your mind will interpret this accurately as well.

When you're stressed and you force yourself to work out, you're sending a signal (the wrong one) to your mind that it's a 'crisis' situation, giving it every reason to command the storage of fat.

But when you work out after being refreshed and rejuvenated, you're commanding your mind to make everything possible in making your body stronger and bigger. Now that's the right kind of signal.

What about working out less intensely during stressed times? While I applaud people for the effort, working out less intensely than needed will only bring about fatigue without the benefits of increased muscle gains.

You'd be better off saving your best effort for another day.


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