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Protein Vs Carbs - What's The Real Deal?

If our hunter-gatherer ancestors could only hear the still-raging debate over protein and carbs, they'd probably rise from the earth and spear us all to death.

In your quest to gain muscles fast, you need BOTH good protein and good carbs. And that will probably never change for the next century or so.

1. Protein Requires Consistency

Now that we've cleared that out, it's time to examine the role each macronutrient brings, especially in building muscles.

With all the fuss and excitement surrounding protein, there's but one simple rule you should remember when consuming it - be consistent.

By that, I mean regularly eating a certain amount of lean beef, chicken, pork, or fish and nothing more. Yup, you don't need anything extra to ensure you'll be in an anabolic state rather than a catabolic state - something a lot of people are overly concerned about.

Normally, this would mean consuming 0.8 - 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. Once you've figured that one out, spread them across 3-4 meals during the day and you can stop worrying.

You'll never need whey isolate shakes, creatine supplements, or any of those junk. Go pure and natural and you'll see it works damn well.

2. Carbs Require Flexibility

While eating protein is like putting money in a bank, eating carbs is like investing in the next Hollywood film - you never know if it's gonna be successful or not. And this is why most experts nowadays take the extreme and avoid carbs completely.

However, it can't be denied that carbs play a significant role in building muscle. Try stuffing yourself with carbs for one week while working out and then eliminating them the next week and see what happens. You don't need to be an expert to figure out that you're weak and restless because of insufficient carbs.

In general, you need twice the amount of carbs as your intake of protein. But because your body uses them for non-muscle-building activities as well, your daily requirements change very often.

Learn to portion your serving of brown rice, potatoes, fruits, and vegetables depending on your 'busy-ness' for the day.

3. Variety Plays A Key Role

So if all you need to do is keep protein consistent and be flexible with your carb intake, how come it's so difficult to gain muscles consistently and fast?

It's because of your brain.

No matter how sophisticated your brain has become, it is still primitive in a lot of ways. Eat the same thing over and over and over for even just a few months and you'll probably plateau faster than ever.

Your brain seeks variety and this includes what you eat everyday. So even if you found the perfect meal or the perfect supplement, it's still not enough because you probably need ninety-nine more perfect meals to keep your brain from getting bored and numbed.

And that's when it gets challenging - when you start to eat other, less nourishing food. That's why it's better to include a controlled 'cheat day' rather than to binge all of a sudden.


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