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Use These Muscle Building Workouts To Build Muscle Mass Quickly

Everyone wants to get the most amount of muscle gain in the least amount of time. For some people, growing muscles quickly is natural and can be considered a genetic trait passed on from one generation to the next. However, for most of us today, gaining muscle mass seems to be a next to impossible task for exactly the same reasons.

The body builders that you see on the television and in magazines can basically gain muscle mass no matter what they do. The rest of us only have one option and that is to work as hard as possible every single workout routine in order to overload our muscles and force new growth to occur.

One of the biggest mistakes that most people make when they first start out body building is that they focus too much on a professional body builder's routines; which will not really help them in the long run. The second biggest mistake anyone can make is working out harder then they have to.

If you sit there and do hundreds of repetitions, this is not going to help you gain muscle mass; the weight is too low. Instead, increase that weight until you reach a point in which you can do no more then 10 repetitions in a 30 to 40 minute period. You will want this last repetition to be the hardest. Then without taking a break, reduce the weight by 5 pounds and do 1 less repetition. Decrease the weight again and do one less rep then the last set without taking a break in between the sets.

Continue doing this until you cannot lift the weight of your own body. This should not take very long and when it does, you will have effectively overloaded that muscle group. You biggest goal however, should be to overload almost all of the major muscle groups in your body every single workout; and space out the workouts so that you are only doing them on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Do not forget to allow for rest on Saturdays and Sundays because your muscles do not gain in size at the gym, they grow after you have left and they have the opportunity to rest and repair themselves from the actual workout.

Overload the muscle groups to the point where you could just lay down and take a nap; and actually do so to ensure you can get home safely. You may have seen other people at the gym put their heads down for an hour or two so their muscles can work enough to get them home. This overloading of the muscles in the least amount of time possible allows for the quickest muscle mass growth possible.


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