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Muscle Building Program - Tips On Choosing A Bodybuilding Workout

When you decide that you have to build up your muscles, the most natural thing to do is to draw up a bodybuilding workout that is suitable for your body. You need to choose from the plethora of workouts available that can help you bulk up, and while it can be confusing, a little bit of information should make it clear in no time.

Tip #1 - You don't need to do Cardio prior to your workout

When the focus of your workout is on building muscle, it is better to do cardio after you complete your lifts. Doing cardio beforehand tends to make you tired. People on muscle building programs usually prefer to do cardio on their off days.

Tip #2 - Set a goal of 25 reps for each exercise

When you set yourself this goal, you can alter the number of reps per set in such a way that the total reps you do is 25. This way you throw different intensity levels at your body and stimulate the muscles to grow with the varying stimulus.

Tip #3 - Stretching Exercises are important

Many people who work out tend to ignore the benefits of stretching. They prefer to jump into their workout routine right away, figuring that the workout is bound to exercise them better than stretching anyway. If you do this, think again. Stretching is an important component of muscle building programs and brings two benefits - increased range of movement and neutralizing the effects of a hard workout. The former helps you exercise more muscles so that they grow better, while the latter helps you recover faster from the session and you become stronger.

Tip #4 - Limit your workouts to one hour sessions

Remember that quantity is no replacement for quality - it is better to do fewer numbers of reps that target all the muscles that you wish to develop, in a short time rather than a long-drawn out session featuring say, 100 sets.

Tip #5 - Take a couple of days off every week

When you are on a muscle building program, you should understand that rest is as important as working out. Arrange your schedule in such a way that you get at least two days off from your workout. You could also try alternating the set of muscles targeted each day during your workout. For example, you could alternate between upper and lower body workouts on consecutive days.

If you keep these five tips in mind when you are drawing up workouts in your muscle building program, you are sure to see results faster than you would have otherwise.


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