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How To Do A Chest Workout With No Pressing Movements

The flat bench press is hands down the best exercise that you can do for overall chest development. Pressing movements should be the bread and butter of a good chest workout. There are other pressing movements that are also effective such as incline presses and decline presses.

This does not mean however that there are not other exercises that you can do that will give you great results. In this article, I want to go over some exercises that are for the chest other than pressing movements. It is a really good idea, for some of the time, to switch up your workout and take out pressing movements all together. This works to change things up once in a while and stimulate the muscle in different ways.

The first exercise that I want to talk about is one of my all time favorite exercises period. It is the dumbell pull over. This is the only exercise that targets the lats and the pecs at the same time. This is a good exercise that you can do for a total upper body workout when you are short on time. Just be sure that you are performing the movement properly because you can hurt your shoulder.

Fly movements are also a great exercise for giving the chest muscle a stretch, and also a good pump. I like to do this exercise with a moderate amount of weight because again, this exercise putts the shoulders at risk. I like to use this exercise to finish a chest workout. This exercise is good to use in an advanced workout, or a beginners workout.

Try these exercises the next time that you are training your chest.


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