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Best Chest Workout - Home Workout - Forget the Bench Press!

Not everyone has the money to join a gym or buy a bench press setup.

And even if you do have access to this equipment, what if you keep hurting your shoulder with this exercise and STILL want a good chest workout?

Here is a solution...

At Home Workout - Upper Body Strength Circuit for Muscle Gains

We are just going to focus on two exercises here - two heavy, compound exercises-

  • a PUSHING movement to target the chest, triceps and shoulders
  • and a PULLING movement to balance out the opposing muscles of the biceps and back

I don't know about you, but I don't want to spend hours and hours working out. Doing a few DIFFICULT sets of compound movements in the 5-8 rep range will give you the most bang for your buck, time wise.

Let's look at the exercises.

Best Chest Workout - Weighted Decline Pushup on DIY Suspension Trainer

Do yourself and make yourself a DIY suspension trainer (check out google for some excellent tutorials). This piece of equipment will only set you back around $15.

Standard pushups tend to target the lower pec. By elevating your feet around 2 feet or so (use a chair) the pushup becomes an upper chest exercise.

Use your DIY suspension trainer and the exercise becomes MUCH more difficult - your muscles are forced to constantly contract to stabilize you.

  • Aim for 5-8 reps (the optimal range for strength and muscle gains).
  • Add weight with pea gravel ($3 for 75 pounds!) in a backpack or duffel.

Rest 90 seconds, then do the next move:

Work the Opposing Muscle Groups - Weighted Body Rows on DIY Suspension Trainer

Balancing the pushing motion of the pushup with a pulling motion will prevent imbalances that could lead to injury, not to mention help you get a bigger, stronger, and more ripped upper body.

Here's how...

  • Set up your DIY suspension trainer with handles around rib height.
  • Put your feet on the chair
  • Pull your chest to the handles!
  • Repeat

Again, aim for 5-8 reps, adding weight when necessary with your pea gravel and bag setup (wear it on your chest/stomach this time).

Rest 90 seconds, then go back to the pushup.

That's It!

Do this circuit 4 times, and make sure to rest a couple days between workouts.

Also try switching the exercises to handstand pushups and weighted pullups, to work the overhead pressing and pulling abilities of the upper body.

Throw in some one-legged squats for a total body workout!


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