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How to Gain Weight and Muscle Naturally

Every human being is meant to live a balanced, healthy, and empowered life, and it depends on the lifestyle one follows, apart from other influencing factors. Being skinny, well-built or heavy does not always signify the poor lifestyle, poor diet, lack of workout etc. There are several factors behind this like high-metabolic rate, low-calorie in-take, physically stressed lifestyle, psychological influences on body fitness etc, and Gain Weight & muscle can only be achieved with an in-depth study of individual's life style and some of the factors deciding the body type and growth. In addition achieving this is very simple and easily doable, one has to keep patience and be consistent in efforts, and the desired results can be easily attained.

Let's discuss some of the important factors responsible for a healthy & toned body, lack of which causes imbalances, and require us to think "How to gain weight and muscle".

First of all, the body-type: some of us have genetic reasons for being thin and no matter what we do; it does not have a greater impact towards weight gain. In such cases, we have to be patient & aggressive with our approach, and religiously follow the lifestyle planned to gain weight and muscle.

The diet: Poor or in-adequate diet is the most significant reason for an imbalanced body. There are a lot of suggestions for your diet such as taking 5-6 meals a day by reducing the time-gap between two meals etc, but none seem to be very effective in Gain Weight and muscle, if you ask from experienced researchers or those who have already tried them.

The lifestyle: It also has a greater impact on the body we possess, and must be altered in-order to gain weight and muscle. The way we spend our day directly implies to our health, and hence the body weight and muscles. In order to gain weight and muscle, we have to follow a healthy lifestyle adding activities that can accelerate the progress and hence the outcome.

Physical Health: Physical fitness has a lot to do to gain weight and muscle. For example, if your digestive system is not properly working, your body will not be able to extract the right amount of nutrients, protein, calorie etc even if you are on healthy diets. So, maintaining the physical fitness is critical to gain weight and muscle.

Mental Health: As we all know, our body is controlled by our mind. So, everything that happens to our body has a direct impact of our mental health. And to gain weight and muscle as well, our mind has to be stress-free & relaxed.

We have discussed the factors behind our physical imbalances and to gain weight and muscle, we have to closely watch and work against these. Although, there is lot discussed about how to gain weight and muscle, I am suggesting a few as per my experience & research and feel confident, if followed with patience and regularly, it should have a visible result.

1. Understand the amount of calorie your body needs and increase the calorie supply to your body. If you are able to consume more calories than you are burning, you will certainly gain weight. Include dairy products, avocados, olives peanut butter etc but do not over eat as it will have harmful effects of high blood pressure.

2. There is a myth that says fatty foods help in weight gain.
a. Fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products, dates, figs, raisins, rice honey can help in weight gain more than fatty foods.
b. Take germinated wheat mixed with full-cream hot milk.
c. Include fresh fruits, vegetables and pulses in your every meal of the day.
d. Take herbs like Ashwagandha, Shatavari, and Aamalki Rasayan etc regularly.
e. Take banana blended in full-cream daily with morning breakfast.
f. Take milk boiled with almonds and dates with your dinner daily..

3. Follow a balanced lifestyle and listen to the nature in planning your day. There is a common saying, "Early to bed and early to rise, makes men healthy, wealthy, and wise". Irrespective of our work-demands and lifestyle requirements, one must follow this to lead a healthy life. So, wake-up before sunrise and go to the bed around 9pm to have a healthy body.

4. Exercise regularly. Include 20-30 minutes of normal & cardio exercises in your routine. To gain weight and muscle, lifting exercises would also help. Use anything; do lifting for 5-10 minutes regularly but don't lift heavy, as it will burnout the calories.

5. Include 10-15 minutes of YOGA into your daily routine, as it will take care of both physical and mental health.
a. Yogasans like Anulom & Vilom Prayanam will help you reduce your stress level.
b. Practice Concentration & Meditation at least 3 times a week to remain calm and stress-free.
c. Take help of a Yoga instructor if you are not familiar with the asanas.

Overall, to gain weight and muscle, you do not need to be mad about this and keep thinking of this all the time. Instead, plan your diets appropriately, follow the lifestyle as the Mother Nature teaches us to live, include some physical & weight-lifting exercises and practice a few Yoga Asanas regularly. And, I am sure you will achieve satisfying results. Happy living!


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