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Pack On The Muscle - Top 3 Natural Ways To Make Insane Muscle Gains

In order to pack on the muscle intense physical exercise is vital. The body needs a stimulus in order to make muscles grow. However it should be noted that physical exercise alone will not transform your body or allow you to build insane muscle gains. There several other key areas that need to be catered for in order to develop the ripped physique everyone desires.

What follows are my top 3 ways to naturally Pack On The Muscle:

  1. Create an exercise plan and stick to it. If you are truly going to pack on the muscle you need to have a plan of attack. Every success is determined by your plan. It is vital to workout what exercises you are going to perform before you enter the gym. I plan my workouts weeks before hand in order to ensure I make the most of each muscle group. Document your progress and continuously monitor your performances to gauge areas of improvement.
  2. Packing on the muscle is a very intensive activity. By lifting weights and exercising hard you will need to allow plenty of time to recover. Working out to often will lead to overtraining, this will stall your progress and may ultimately lead to injury. It is vital to allow individual muscle groups at least 48 hours recovery time between each exercise session. When you are working out you are ultimately tearing you muscle fibres, these small tears in the muscle fibre must repair themselves bigger and stronger before you work them again. This destruction of the muscle fibres and following repair is how we pack on the muscle and make insane gains.
  3. As we already know muscle fibres need to repair in order to Pack on the muscle. Your muscle fibres cannot repair if they are not fed the correct nutrients to allow this. Nutrition is a vital part of muscle building. Many novice muscle buildiers fail at this point as they simply do not feed there muscles the right fuel to grow. It is like driving a car with no fuel, you will not make much progress. In order to make the best natural gains possible and pack on the muscle it is important to eat small meals around 5 times a day. You body can only assimilate a certain amount of fuel in one serving therefore by eating 5 small meals you are feeding you body continually throughout the day and keep your muscle flooded with nutrients in order to repair as quickly and fully as possible.


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