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6 Ways Strength Training Can Help You Survive A Plane Crash

On the off chance that you are ever in a plane crash, strength training will help you survive it. It might seem pretty far-fetched, but those extra muscles will really come in handy then.

So, how (exactly) will being strong help you in a place crash? It will help you...

Tear Your Way Out Of The Burning Aircraft

Once you've survived the crash, you're not out of the woods yet. You're not even in the woods yet - you have to get out of the plane!

Being strong will help you heave sheets of metal aside, broken chairs, and stacks of those little, empty barf-baggies. Getting out is the first battle.

Once you're out of the plane you can start worrying about...

Catching Animals To Eat

Hey, you gotta eat something and wild mountain veggies are only so plentiful. You'll have to forage on your own.

Being stronger will make you faster and more able to deal with the animals. You'll be able to chase them down and make little wild animal shish kabobs out of them. Yum!

Wrestle Bears Into Submission

Wild animals are, unfortunately, not always convenient shish kabob size. And some of them may even try to make a meal out of you.

Strength will allow you to wrestle bears and bobcats away from the other survivors. Your group will be protected, and you might even get to eat bear paw (a delicacy) while you wait for your rescuers to arrive.

Save Other People

This is a big one. You want to be able to save the other people from the wreckage of the burning plane - the people that mean a lot to you.

If you're stronger you'll be able to carry them out. Save your husband, wife, children, and/or even your in-law. This will probably surprise and please you in-laws so much that your relationship with them will get better.

At least for a bit.

Build A Shelter

After getting your friends and family out of the plane crash, you'll need some place to stay. And broken plane parts are not always in friendly sized pieced for moving and construction.

You'll need to use effort to gather logs, broken sheets of metal, brush, and anything else around to make as warm and comfortable a shelter as possible.

While this isn't easy, it will certainly be made easier if you are stronger. You can carry larger pieces of metal longer distances, bring back bigger logs, and carry back vast amounts of brush to use as insulation. You might even make it a cozy place to stay before rescue arrives.

And finally...

Beating Up Any Surviving Terrorists

If terrorists are responsible for the crash, you want to make sure that they know you and your fellow passengers are not happy with them. And verbally telling them how angry you are will only communicate so much.

Instead, a beating will not only relieve the stress of having (barely) survived a plane crash but also communicate your displeasure at having had terrorists on the plane. After a firm beating, they will surely see your point of view.

On a more serious note, there are tons of ways that strength training can help you in everyday life - not just in a plane crash. How? Well...


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