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Gain Massive Arm Size With These Effective Muscle Building Workouts

With so many muscles to perfect on the arms it is no wonder why so many people are looking for those perfect muscle building workouts. Many people want exercises that hit the triceps because they want to leave no muscle group unworked.

Everyone wants to have those perfect arms and as such, so many hit the gyms and workout their biceps over and over again without even thinking twice about the important role that the triceps play in building those well-toned arms. For those who want to workout the triceps, here are 4 workouts that will help you to get the best results possible.

Close grip bench presses are a very effective means of not only building muscle mass, but targeting the triceps in the process. The biggest downfall though about doing this workout is when you still do not have strong enough wrists to perform the workouts. If this is your case, then make sure to start off with a lighter weight and make use of wrist straps to prevent possible injuries.

The French press is another good routine to try. If you lie flat on your back on the bench, start off by bringing the bar to a normal bench press position, but rather then bringing it down to your chest, keep your elbows in and slowly lower the bar to our forehead and return to the start position.

Then you have the triceps kickbacks. Hold a barbell in one hand and support yourself with the other. Start with your arm in the bent position and then lift the barbell backwards to the fully extended position before returning to the start.

Finally you have the seated overhead triceps extension. Chances are that your gym may have a machine that you can use, but refrain fro using it; instead do it with free weights for the maximum results.


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